World’s Largest Aquarium Explodes In A Radisson Lobby, Thousands Of Fish Fall On Guests

A massive 1 million liter aquarium at the Radisson in Berlin exploded overnight.

By James Brizuela | Updated

aquarium raddison

Patrons at a hotel in the center of Berlin were shocked when the massive 1 million-liter aquarium in the center of the Radisson hotel burst overnight, spilling out the over 1,500 fish that were inhabiting the tank. Patrons at the hotel posted images of the ordeal when they awoke, as they were also asked to evacuate the hotel, likely because of the massive amount of glass, fish, and water in the lobby. In the post below, you can see what the tank initially looked like before it burst.

The video below shows the devastation that occurred after the aquarium had exploded, and spilled out all its contents. We would imagine the sheer noise of such a massive aquarium exploding would have woken up anyone staying at the Radisson hotel that night. The above video from the Twitter user also indicates that they were awoken in the middle of the night by the tragic happening.

This Twitter user was lucky enough to get a shot of the aquarium at the Radisson in the daytime, or at least when the lights were turned up by hotel staff. As you can see, it looks as though a tornado hit the hotel lobby, or Michael Bay was filming a movie there. We are not sure about the damage that the tank exploding has caused, or if the Radisson is going to want to rebuild, but we would think that this hotel is going to be out of commission for quite a long time.

Though we are not sure how to translate the post above, we are given a good before and after shot of what the aquarium in the Radisson looked like before the tank exploded. We certainly hope that no one was hurt, though we can assume a massive amount of aquatic life likely did not make it through this ordeal. There were some 1,500 fish in the tank alone, and the hope is that some were able to be rescued.

Another great shot in reverse order of the after and before from the aquarium at the Radisson exploded. We would have to agree with the above sentiment, in feeling a sense of loss that we can never see the aquarium in all its glory. Those who have had the pleasure of traveling to the Radisson in Berlin should save those pictures of the giant aquarium, as those images are all that is left of the giant attraction.

We are also not entirely sure about the data provided in the above tweet about the entirety of the 1,500 fish in the aquarium losing their lives, but we would hope that the Radisson staff was able to save at least a few. Granted, when a massive tank explodes in the middle of the night, it’s probably best not to walk up to it and take a look, as glass and debris could still fall and injure you. Let’s have a moment of silence for the aquatic life that was teeming in the giant tank.