See Anya Taylor-Joy Pose In A Skin-Tight Jeweled Dress

Anya Taylor-Joy is amazing in a gold mosaic Michael Kors dress.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

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Anya Taylor-Joy is never anything less than borderline inhumanly gorgeous, but sometimes she shows off a look that is positively otherworldly. In an image shared by a Twitter fan account, The Menu star poses for the camera in a tight, golden outfit with sunlight pouring behind her, making the actress look like the representative of some ethereal realm kind enough to come and do some fashion shoots for us. We will never tire of seeing some of the amazing outfits that Anya Taylor-Joy pulls off and, fortunately for us, she does not seem to tire of showing them off. 

This particular image of Anya Taylor-Joy comes from a photospread in The Tatler, the United Kingdom’s premiere high society magazine (founded all the way back in 1901). For a feature titled “London Girl” (done in conjunction with the 2021 Edgar Wright horror film Last Night in Soho), Anya Taylor-Joy posed for a number of different shoots, including a giant tuille gown that filled a bathtub and a monochrome image of her posing on a wrought-iron staircase. 

However, this picture of Anya Taylor-Joy sees the actress looking like a beautiful golden mosaic. Though the Michael Kors dress has a neckline all the way to the flower-like brooch at her throat and sleeves down to her wrists, it certainly does not do much to disguise her figure. At the time, Anya Taylor-Joy’s hair was long and blonde, spilling over her shoulders, and finished with fashionable straight-cut bangs. 

As we frequently like to point out, Anya Taylor-Joy has an affinity for high-fashion looks with a scandalous edge to them, like this translucent gown she wore to the Critics Choice Awards or the two-piece yellow outfit she wore to the recent Golden Globes. Perhaps more than any other star of her generation, Anya Taylor-Joy manages to balance the fashionable with the sexy and the breezy with the stylishly formal.

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Anya Taylor-Joy in The Menu

Anya Taylor-Joy’s most recent movie, The Menu, has been one of the most-watched movies on HBO Max since its release on the streaming platform, after a brief limited theatrical release. She stars in the film as the dining companion of an earnest foodie (Nicholas Hoult) at an ultra-exclusive restaurant run by an obsessive chef (Ralph Fiennes). As the evening goes on, it becomes apparent that his kitchen is less a means of producing food than a cult dedicated to the aesthetics and passions of fine dining, and well, things get bloody pretty quickly.

Rumors have been swirling that Anya Taylor-Joy may soon be returning to one of her most acclaimed roles, Beth Harmon, in The Queen’s Gambit 2. The Netflix series was critically adored for Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of a troubled, substance-abusing chess prodigy, and, no doubt, the streaming service would like to see if it can get any more mileage out of the actress in gorgeous mid-century outfits. While she has not yet confirmed that the project is in the works, we can only hope. For now, we will settle for just gazing at photo shoots like this one.