See Anya Taylor-Joy In A String Bikini Jumping In Snow

Anya Taylor-Joy looks great leaping from a hot tub into the snow.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy is a celebrity, fashion icon, scream queen, and acclaimed actress, but in many ways, she’s just like anyone else. At least, if that someone else enjoys leaping through the snow in a small bikini, which has to be very bracing. In a recent post on her Instagram, the future Mad Max actress showed several videos of herself and friends cavorting for New Year’s Eve celebrations and we have to admit it looks pretty fun. 

In the first video, Anya Taylor-Joy and a number of untagged friends appear to be hot-tubbing in a cold place, judging by the deep snow on the ground and the flakes whipping through the air. Clad only in a string bikini, the Princess Peach actress leaps out of the tub and along with a female friend, falls back into the snow, angel-style. It is only fitting that one of the stars of the ultra-violent Viking revenge film The Northman practices the Nordic tradition of hot baths and cold plunges herself.

The second video shows Anya Taylor-Joy in another Nordic tradition, drinking large amounts of alcohol. To be fair, the video only shows the Super Mario Bros. star doing one shot herself, but in a group of people all simultaneously drinking together from glasses connected by a wooden rack. The name for this drinking activity is called a Shotski, and it looks like a lot of fun. 

The third (and final) post in Anya Taylor-Joy’s carousel is the only photo, which appears to show an immense stack of books shaped loosely like a Christmas tree. There is a fluffy Persian cat curled at the foot of the book stack, who features heavily on the star’s social media presence in general.

anya taylor-joy

Anya Taylor-Joy seems to have kicked back and relaxed for her New Year’s Eve celebrations, which is good to see. The actress is known for her intense, dedicated performances in dramas and thrillers, first breaking out in Robert Eggers’ 2015 film The Witch. In that film, she portrayed a 17th-century settler whose family is tormented by a supernatural entity deep in the New England woods. The film was widely acclaimed, currently holding 90 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, particularly for Anya Taylor-Joy’s committed, intense performance.

Since then, Anya Taylor-Joy has appeared in a wide variety of films, from indie dramas to wider releases like the M. Night Shyamalan comeback movie Split (and its sequel Glass). She also appeared in the much-delayed X-Men-adjacent movie The New Mutants, as well as Edgar Wright’s Giallo homage Last Night in Soho. If nothing else, Anya Taylor-Joy has shown that she has a bit of a predilection for the horror genre.

However, she does seem to be mixing that up as of late. Anya Taylor-Joy will star as Princess Peach in the upcoming animated Super Mario Bros. movie alongside Chris Pratt’s Mario and Charlie Day’s Luigi. She will also be starring in the upcoming George Miller prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, playing a younger version of Charlize Theron’s Imperator Furiosa.