See Angelina Jolie’s First-Ever Instagram Post

By Doug Norrie | 25 seconds ago

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie has starred in all manner of films and has been outspoken about a number of different social issues in the past as well. But, until now, she hasn’t taken part in the social media game. That changed on Saturday when Jolie created an Instagram account to send out a post about a pressing issue happening in the world right now. It instantly garnered a massive amount of attention and, of course, her followers shot through the rood almost immediately. 

The Instagram post by Angelina Jolie had to do with the ongoing situation happening in Afghanistan right now. Following the United States withdrawing troops, the Taliban quickly took control of the government, leading to a possible humanitarian crisis based on their belief system. Jolie’s Instagram post is titled “A Letter From An Afghan Girl” and according to the actress, it was penned by a teenager in the country and sent to Jolie. You can see Angelina Jolie’s first post below. 

The post from Angelina Jolie is in two parts. The images are of a letter written to her from a young girl in Afghanistan. It details the struggles for women and children specifically under Taliban rule. Their interpretation of Sharia Law has come under significant scrutiny for its harshness to women especially and in this letter, the young girl does go into some details around the loss of freedoms and rights under the Taliban regime. 

The other part of the post from Angelina Jolie is her explaining why she chose now to start putting content up on her Instagram account. She talks about seeing refugees in Afghanistan prior to the events of 9/11 and the subsequent invasion and occupation of the country by the United States military forces. Jolie explains that she will be using her social media influence to help those in the midst of humanitarian crises around the world. She writes about it is “sickening” for her to see what is happening in Afghanistan right now, how the country is teetering on the edge of massive loss of freedom and education for much of its population. 

With this first Instagram post, Angelina Jolie garnered significant attention. In just about a day (as of this writing) she had rocketed up to more than 6.5 million followers. That first post is closing in on three million likes. She herself is following just three accounts: Doctors Without Border, NAACP, and The UN Refugee Agency. And Jolie did have a follow-up post to that one titled “The Displaced”. In this one she discusses different refugee crises around the world and how many people are displaced. 

For a celebrity with the reach of Angelina Jolie, it will be interesting to see what kind of effect she is able to have on this situation. Considering it appears she will use social media to solely draw attention to this problem and more, it stands to reason she will continue drawing attention to what is happening in Afghanistan as well as other areas of the world dealing with humanitarian issues.

We will next see Angelina Jolie when she enters the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this fall’s Eternals.