See Ana de Armas Expertly Pose On A Boat In A Gorgeous Swimsuit Photo

By James Brizuela | 1 month ago

ana de armas

Ana De Armas is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, on top of the fact that she is a fantastic actress. Armas took to her Instagram page to show off a rather professional shot photo of herself on what appears to be vacation. While there is clear blue water and an island of sorts in the background behind her, she stands on a boat looking as amazing as ever. She is wrapped in an oversized white shirt as her blue bikini peaks through. It is a truly great shot of her. You can see the photo below:

Ana de Armas has been a stunner since she broke onto the Hollywood scene, and this pic is just another instance that proves that. She currently has six million followers on her Instagram, with the above pic reaching a staggering 828,000 likes already. People are clearly enjoying the fact that she looks so elegant and professional in this shot. It’s no secret that she could have been a model had she not ended up in acting. Armas has limited comments turned on for her posts, and everyone available to comment ushered in their acceptance of her beauty. We agree, she is stunning.

While her career has taken off in recent years, some of her best work has been her more recent movies. Ana de Armas is coming off a run as a Bond woman, in the final Daniel Cragi-led entry of the 007 franchise. The newest film was that of No Time to Die. Not a bad femme fatale to add to the list of gorgeous women who has graced the screen with the world’s most popular secret agent. She also has a new film out on Hulu, called Deep Water, where she stars alongside Ben Affleck. This mystery and thriller looks and feels like his other thriller, Gone Girl. At least the trailer makes it seem so. Armas plays Affleck’s wife in the film (Melinda), and the pair share an open relationship, to keep the relationship going. However, her lovers begin to disappear, leaving Vic (Afflec) the chief suspect. On top of her current works, Armas is set to take on the role of one of Hollywood’s most famous figures. She has been cast in the leading role for the Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde. The film is meant to come out in 2022, but could be delayed due to its newly attached NC-17 rating.

It’s clear that Ana de Armas continues to garner amazing roles, as she is continually showcasing her skills as an actress across many differing films. She seems to be unstoppable with the myriad of high-level films that she is a part of. The Marilyn Monroe biopic is sure to be one that fans will flock to see. While we all patiently wait for a trailer for that film, everyone can enjoy her looking as spectacular as ever on vacation via her Instagram page.