See Ana De Armas In Sexy Red Outfit As Marilyn Monroe

Ana de Armas is soon to play Marilyn Monroe in a controversial new film and we can attest that she has the look for it down.

By Nathan Kamal | Published

ana de armas

Ana de Armas is having quite the year. She just starred in the Russo Brothers film The Gray Man along with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, most likely creating a giant new franchise of spy thrillers for Netflix. She will next be starring as cinematic icon Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film Blonde, for which she has posed as the starlet in replications of a number of her famous photographs (of which there are certainly a lot). Ana de Armas recently posted a new picture of herself as Marilyn Monroe on her Instagram, and we can verify that it looks both historically accurate and absolutely hot. Check it out:

This particular image of Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe functions as both a delight to the eyes and an advertisement for Blonde. Ana de Armas is wearing a bright red one-piece swimsuit and red strappy high heels, standing in a pose reminiscent of one of Marilyn Monroe’s modeling photos. However, this particular image is actually a video, as seen by the sparkling, oversized dynamite sticks next to her. The whole of the image has the look of a pulpy 1960s-style novel or comic book, which fits in well with the larger-than-life legend of Marilyn Monroe herself. Ana de Armas is cheekily holding a sign that reads “Beware of Danger Sept 8.” 

As you might expect, September 8 references the release of Blonde at the upcoming ​​79th Venice International Film Festival. It will be wide-released on Netflix on September 28th, and will no doubt be the next step in Ana de Armas’ rapidly accelerating career. Ana de Armas began acting in her native Cuba as a teen, and later moved to Spain to continue in films like Mentiras y Gordas and Por un puñado de besos. Upon arriving in Hollywood, she first made an impression in the Keanu Reeves horror thriller Knock Knock and later, War Dogs alongside Miles Teller and Jonah Hill. She would have her then-widest role in Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049 alongside Ryan Gosling, in which she portrayed his holographic AI girlfriend.

However, Ana de Armas truly broke through to English-speaking audiences in the Rian Johnson mystery film Knives Out. Alongside an incredible ensemble cast including Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, and Chris Evans, Ana de Armas starred as a nurse desperately trying to keep a heavily and dubiously accented private detective played by Daniel Craig from discovering her role in the mystery. 

Blonde is directed by Australian filmmaker Andrew Dominik and based on a novel by Joyce Carol Oates. Even before its release, the movie has come under some controversy for its apparently explicit sexual scenes (and potential NC-17 rating) and for the casting of the dark-haired Cuban Ana de Armas as the famously and eponymously blonde Monroe. There were also heavy rumors that she struggled to master the American accent necessary to portray the Some Like It Hot actress, but we will all be able to see (and hear) for ourselves when Netflix releases it.