See Ana De Armas In Stunningly Sexy Open Jacket And Bra

Ana de Armas looks fantastic as part of Vanity Fair's annual Hollywood Issue.

By Nathan Kamal | Updated

ana de armas

Ana de Armas recently posted a picture of herself to her enormously popular Instagram account and, even by the famously beautiful actress’s standards, it is a gorgeous one. In the photo, Ana de Armas is dressed in a brilliantly red sequined miniskirt and jacket, the latter of which is unzipped far enough to expose her sheer black bra. The Ballerina star is posed perched on a black leather couch in what seems reminiscent of a darkened club but is actually a mega-watt celebrity photo shoot.

The image of herself that Ana de Armas posted for her nine million-plus followers on Instagram comes from Vanity Fair’s 29th Annual Hollywood Issue, an event in which the venerable magazine gets the hottest stars of the day and photoshops them into the same cover art. This year, Ana de Armas was joined by Selena Gomez, Jonathan Majors, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, Keke Palmer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Julia Garner, Hoyeon, Rege-Jean Page, Emma Corrin, and Jeremy Allan White. To put it mildly, that’s a whole lot of star power.

The actual cover of the Vanity Fair issue has Ana de Armas standing behind future Dune stars Austin Butler and Florence Pugh with her hands pressed to the wall to optimally show off her bare shoulders and the corset of her scarlet dress; her actual portrait let her chill out a little bit more. Of course, that is a relative term, as her actual portrait in the magazine saw her decked out with an icy sexiness that few in the world could pull off. 

In the picture, Ana de Armas’ red jacket and miniskirt are from N21 by Alessandro Dell’Acqua, while the massive amount of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings she is wearing are by Louis Vuitton (with one ring in particular credited specifically to Louis Vuitton High Jewelry). The Blonde star was styled by Patti Harrison and her makeup is credited to Kabuki Magic. 

ana de armas
Ana de Armas in Blonde

Interestingly, while Ana de Armas is starring in the heavily promoted John Wick spin-off movie Ballerina, she has said she is no longer pursuing action movies. According to the star, she is less interested in the genre than in films like the controversial Andrew Dominik film Blonde, in which she portrayed a highly fictionalized version of the iconic actress Marilyn Monroe. Presumably, Ana de Armas means she is not interested in action movies after Ballerina, which does not bode particularly well for potential sequels in the rapidly expanding John Wick universe.

However, this has been an action-heavy couple of years for Ana de Armas, so it is hard to fault her for wanting to give the genre a break. In 2021, she starred in Daniel Craig’s James Bond swan song No Time to Die and followed it in 2022 with another spy thriller, The Gray Man (which also featured her frequent co-stars Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling). Since Blonde netted Ana de Armas an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress (the first Cuban actress to ever do so), it kind of makes sense she would look to a few more roles like that.