See Amber Heard Celebrate The Last Six Months As The Best Of Her Life

By Faith McKay | 6 seconds ago

Amber Heard

Amber Heard often makes headlines for her ongoing legal battles against Johnny Depp. However, there’s a lot of great things happening for the actress at the moment. Professionally, she is on the set for DC’s upcoming Aquaman 2. Personally, she has become a mother. The actress managed to keep that secret for several months. Her daughter has been a part of her life for six months, but despite frequent social media posts from the actress, she only announced that she’d become a mother three months ago. Now, she’s opening up a little bit on her Instagram with a post celebrating the best six months of her life and a photo of her child.

See the photo of Amber Heard with her child, Oonagh Paige, in the post below.

Previously, Amber Heard has shared small glimpses of her new life as a mother. Two weeks ago, she showed off the realities of her life as she balanced a weight in one arm and her baby in the other, captioning her post by calling herself a “multitasking mama”.

Many celebrities often refrain from posting social media photos that include their children. So far, Amber Heard is experimenting with doing it here and there. Celebrities are open to a lot of criticism from the public. When they post photos from their personal life, they open themselves up to more critical comments. Not posting these photos to protect their personal life, and their children, leaves them with a new challenge when using social media. Instagram and other platforms are meant to be used by celebrities as a way to connect with fans. That’s hard to do if the celebrity chooses to skin over the realities of their lives.

While some choose to avoid posting about their children, others do, often to great criticism. Amber Heard has been avoiding this directly on her Instagram page by limiting the comment section to only people she allows. While that doesn’t stop people from writing about her elsewhere online, it does appear to hold back some of the group commentaries. Candace Cameron Bure is a good example of a parent who has experienced frustration after sharing family photos on social media. The child star from Full House has made a comeback in recent years. After a social media break, she shared a photo of her whole family on social media. It was immediately met with fans picking the photo apart. They wanted to know why her daughter looked off-screen and why her sons looked grumpy. No one in her family was spared questions and criticism in the comments, and the star asked her fans to “do better”. While cutting off fan interaction by turning off comments limits the experience of social media, it’s easy to understand then why Amber Heard has turned the comments off on her posts.

For now, Amber Heard is sharing a few snapshots of her life with her new child. She’s limiting the comment section on her Instagram page and mostly sharing photos of her travels and day-to-day life where she’s featured alone, so her fans don’t get as clear a picture of what her six months of motherhood have really been like, though she does say they’ve been the best of her life so far.