Amber Heard Shares A Sweaty, Sexy Workout Photo

By Tyler Pisapia | 2 weeks ago

amber heard underwear

Amber Heard shared a steamy and sweaty selfie on Instagram as she is apparently hard at work filming the sequel to the 2018 DC Extended Universe hit Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. On Wednesday afternoon, Amber Heard took to Instagram to share what appears to be a post-workout selfie with her roughly four million followers. Specifically, she notes that she is “working (out)” from home. This is likely a reference to the fact that she’s avoiding the gym while staying in shape for the Aquaman sequel. You can see the photo below.

This would make sense given how vulnerable big-budget productions are to shutdowns in the time of the coronavirus. It’s also possible that her decision to stay in her home has to do with Amber Heard’s co-star, Jason Momoa, testing positive for COVID-19. Earlier this week, the 42-year-old actor revealed on social media that he has tested positive and is now forced to quarantine for the apporpriate amount of time. He noted that he’s spending his time on lockdown in the U.K., where Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is filming, alongside professional skateboarder Erik Ellington and they’re apparently having the time of their lives.

Luckily the actor is in great shape and appears to not be experiencing any symptoms from the coronavirus. It’s unclear if he’s vaccinated, but it’s very likely given his status as a zone A worker on the set and his general cool-guy demeanor. However, it’s unclear how the quarantine time will impact Amber Heard and the rest of the Aquaman 2 cast. 

Given that Amber Heard is making a point to note that she’s working out from home, it’s possible everyone is on a bit of a break while the man of the sea himself heals up. It would make sense to take precautions; Reuters reports that the U.K. is seeing an uptick in COVID-19 cases with around 1 in 50 residents testing positive in the week ending Oct. 22. 

Amber Heard shared an image of herself in character as Mera, complete with her red hair, just last week. The actress is likely very happy to be part of the movie as there were initial calls from fans of her ex, Johnny Depp, to remove her from the film. While she was no one’s favorite part of the first film, the reason her previous critics were calling for her removal is pretty weak. 

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the former couple lobbed a bevy of explosive accusations at each other, with her accusing him of domestic violence. That led to a U.K. newspaper labeling Johnny Depp a wife beater and him suing them for libel. As the ugly trial played out, their dirty laundry was aired even more in the public eye and he was eventually removed from his role as the antagonist in the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts series. Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean star didn’t take that lying down and launched an online campaign to make Amber Heard lose film work too. 

However, Aquaman producer Peter Safran appeared on the Hero Nation podcast in July where he basically told those petitioning the film to give Amber Heard the boot — “No.” He explained that, although everyone behind the film is very aware of the fan reaction to the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp situation, the day they start making casting or really any creative decisions based on fan outcry on Twitter is the day they essentially let an iPhone’s predictive text pen the script to Aquaman 3. In other words, they’re making this movie for Aquaman fans, not Amber Heard nor Johnny Depp fans.