Amber Heard Petition Is About To Hit A Stunning Record

By James Brizuela | 1 week ago

amber heard

The ongoing legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has people taking sides, with many of them landing on the side of Depp. You can really see the support fans have for him when you look at petitions like the one on, which is about to hit an impressive record. The petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 is nearing 4.5 million signatures, which would make it one of the most signed petitions on the platform.

Currently, Amber Heard is locked in an ongoing defamation case that was brought forth by Johnny Depp. Depp filed the lawsuit in response to Heard’s op-ed article about domestic abuse, where Depp alleged she suggested he was the abuser she was writing about. The defamation case alleges that this has caused long-term consequences for Depp’s career. Since the publishing of the article, Depp has lost out on some key roles. He lost his role as Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise and he lost the role of Jack Sparrow in any further entries to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

The petition specifically centers around Amber Heard, alleging that she is the domestic abuser in the relationship and that Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment should remove her from Aquaman 2. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the sequel to Aquaman and it stars Jason Momoa in the titular role. Heard plays Mera, the love interest of Aquaman. During the defamation trial, President of DC Film Production Walter Hamada confirmed that Heard is still in the movie. Hamada also testified that Heard was nearly replaced by Warner Bros due to a lack of chemistry with Momoa, but director James Wan and Momoa pushed back to keep her on board. Heard also testified that her role had been pared down as a result of the lawsuits. While this isn’t the total removal that the petition is calling for, it seems that Warner Bros is giving in to the fan pressure a little bit.

Amber Heard responded to Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit by countersuing, claiming that her career has suffered from accusations by one of Depp’s attorneys. Whether Depp or Heard is successful in their lawsuit, it appears that this trial will likely have some ongoing consequences for both of their careers. With controversy like this, it’s tough to say how willing Hollywood will be to continue casting Depp and Heard in major projects. However, this record-breaking petition and the general mood of social media do make it seem like the court of public opinion is squarely in Depp’s camp. It remains to be seen how this all shakes out. For now, Heard only has a few projects lined up for the near future, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom being the most notable. She also has a film called In the Fire and Run Away with Me that currently don’t have release dates. Johnny Depp is filming a TV mini-series short called Puffins and a period piece called Jeanne du Barry