Amber Heard Gives Herself An Odd New Title In Latest Post

By Apeksha Bagchi | 4 months ago

Amber Heard

In her long-spanning career as an actress, Amber Heard has played a multitude of roles- an Atlantean warrior, the love interest of the protagonist in her early films,  a free-spirited photographer, and whatnot. But when it comes to The Stand star’s latest Instagram post, she has chosen to label herself with an altogether different title- a role she is yet to play on-screen but is known for in her real life. 

Recently, Amber Heard took to Instagram to share a throwback picture of herself from 2018, when she attended the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at United Nations in Geneva and captioned the picture, “A stands for Activist.” While Heard is better known for her cinematic work, she is also renowned as an outspoken human rights activist. Check out her post below:

At this particular event, the Justice League star had spoken at length about her human rights experiences in her childhood and how they motivated her to take up activism. Amber Heard reminisced about growing up in Texas near the Mexican border. She talked about how, even at that young age, she recognized how unjustified life was for children living on the Mexican side. She acknowledged that she was privileged and led a life of freedom “simply due to where I was born, a few miles north of this line.” 

But at the same time, others would risk everything, including their lives, “for a mere shot and an opportunity to have that which I was just awarded due to this accidental luck of my birth on the other side.” It was this upsetting realization that instilled in Amber Heard the desire to take up activism. But at the same time, she also accepts that while Hollywood has every opportunity to lead revolutionary movements, it is not the “bastion of progressive ideals” it is expected to be. Whether it is in terms of inclusion, pay equality, representation, diversity, etc, Hollywood “fall way behind.”

Despite her hectic schedule as an actress, Amber Heard has been active when it comes to performing her duties as a human rights activist. Amber Heard is known for being an ambassador for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) as well as a Human Rights Champion for the Stand Up for Human Rights campaign. She has often lent her voice to pressing issues like domestic violence and reproductive rights. 

amber heard

On the work front, Amber Heard was last seen on the silver screen in Zack Snyder’s version of the Justice League. She played the live-action adaptation of the comic-book character Mera, an Atlantean warrior who protects Atlantis and often aids Aquaman in his various escapades. She will next reprise the role in the upcoming DC film, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, the sequel to Aquaman, which is set for release in December 2022. She also appeared in CBS All Access’ (now Paramount+) post-apocalyptic series, The Stand, based on Stephen King’s 1978 novel of the same name. She played the role of the villainous Nadine Cross, whom the actress defined as “one of the best female roles” she has come across in her career.