See Amber Heard Laugh At Teen Suicide Event In Resurrected Video

By James Brizuela | Published

amber heard

Amber Heard is having a rough month. She recently lost her lawsuit against ex-husband Johnny Depp and has all but seen her public image shredded by her appearances in court. Everyone has essentially deemed her a “liar”, especially after Depp had all but won his defamation lawsuit. Well, now a video has emerged on TikTok, which shows Heard laughing during an event that was centered around a suicide victim. You can see the video below:

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To be honest, anyone would be nervous having to speak about anyone that had taken their own life. That is not something that is easy to speak about no matter who you are. However, Amber Heard makes some choice mistakes when she starts to address the audience at the event. Her first mistake is admitting on the mic that she was sent a script. She then motions to who appears to be Zachary Quinto, who she indicates had a good speech, and had she been sent his speech too, she would have prepared more. That is certainly not a good look. What makes matters worse is someone’s phone begins to ring, which sends Heard into a laughing fit. That is also not a good look and her second mistake.

The entire mood of the video seems to be somber in nature, with Quinto folding his hand and looking down as Amber Heard is speaking. Even when the phone rings and she begins to laugh, it takes a bit before Quinto joins in and smiles a bit. In her defense, she was probably wildly uncomfortable at this moment. As previously stated, anyone having to speak about another person that has taken their own has got to be hard to do. Still, Heard should be exercising more control on stage. There is no telling how the family of the person that took their own life is feeling. If this had been a dying wish, seeing the celebrity laugh while speaking about your child might be massively infuriating.

Amber Heard is currently dealing with the fallout of her lawsuit failure. She appeared on the Today Show, where she was asked about the public opinion of herself, which led to the actress stating that her journals from her therapist were kept out of the trial, and that might have swayed the jury’s verdict. She also had some bizarre responses to how Johnny Depp essentially fooled the country into thinking that he did not commit such horrible abuses. None of that appearance made things seem any better for the actress. However, it has been rumored that she is set to release a “tell-all” book, which may result in even more court appearances.

Amber Heard has some damage control to get to in terms of how the public views her. This video of her laughing at a suicide prevention event is certainly not going to help matters at all. Granted, people are going to find more ways to make her appear as a terrible human being, and the above video might not help Heard in that regard.