Amber Heard Allegedly Being Investigated By The Australian FBI

By Doug Norrie | 1 week ago

amber heard

If Amber Heard was hoping to have some of her legal proceedings and other encounters involving ex-husband Johnny Depp fade off into the proverbial sunset anytime soon, she should probably settle in. It really doesn’t seem like this story is going anywhere and there could be a lengthy timeline of relitigating the events of their marriage. The latest rumor, and it is completely a rumor at this point, is that Heard could be at the center of an investigation by the Australian FBI. While the details are very, very sketchy at this point, there could be additional legal issues brewing for the actress. 

The rumor about this potential and alleged Australian FBI investigation comes from YouTuber That Umbrella Guy. It’s worth noting right from the jump here that this YouTube channel is decidedly anti-Amber Heard and very much pro-Johnny Depp. It’s not all that subtle and should be factored in when considering the “details” around this rumor. In the video there are a couple of pieces put together that try to make the case why the Australian government could be targeting Amber Heard. 

For starters there’s mention of *source* that has tipped off others in relation to Amber Heard being investigated for criminal acts in Australia, potentially related to perjury. The other piece the video deals with is the mention of a continuing investigation, but this comes from Australia’s Department of Wildlife Management, not it’s FBI. It mentions an ongoing investigation and in this way there’s a 2+2=? kind of situation with the rumor. If one is willing to believe the “sourced” rumor then this would not mean she is being targeted, but it could mean a number of different things.

Amber Heard

The potential and very much alleged investigation, has to do with Amber Heard possibly perjuring herself at some point during her legal disputes with Johnny Depp. If that was the case and she was found to have lied under oath, or coerced others to lie under oath, then it could carry with it significant legal ramifications. But again, this is mostly just conjecture at this point. That being said, Twitter didn’t miss a beat with this, having Amber Heard trending on the platform because of the alleged rumors.

According to a section of the video in question, the perjury would have occurred in an Australian court case in 2016. At the time, Amber Heard had run afoul of the Australian government for bringing dogs with her into the country. But something came up during the court case over the summer involving The Sun, which may have shown that there was a discrepancy in testimonies. In this way it isn’t clear, but this would be the perjury issue in question. 

As for Amber Heard and her career, all signs point to her reprising the Queen Mera role in the upcoming Aquaman 2. While not set in stone, there is currently no reason to suspect she’s not still firmly planted in the DC Extended Universe. Time will tell if there’s anything more to this current rumor.