Amber Heard Is Hiding In A Foreign Country, Using A Secret Identity

Amber Heard has been living quietly in a mansion on an island in Spain, according to a new media report.

By Vic Medina | Published

Hide your bedsheets, Spain: Amber Heard is on the prowl! After months of wall-to-wall news coverage of the defamation trial between her and ex-husband Johnny Depp, you’re probably relieved that she’s kept a pretty low profile in recent months, as has her bee-stepping dog. However, a Spanish media outlet named El Mundo discovered that the actress is living in a mansion on an island off of the Spanish coast, according to a report by Cinemablend.

Despite claims of poverty and filing for bankruptcy this summer, Amber Heard appears to living la vida loca in a nearly $3 million mansion she’s renting in a small village on the island of Mallorca. Incredibly, she has gone largely unrecognized by most of the townspeople, and those who do, don’t seem interested in bothering her, according to reports. She is living in the mansion with her young daughter, shops for vegetables at the local market, and has been friendly to those she meets, a far cry from the person who abused Johnny Depp physically and then claimed she was the victim, a Virginia jury ruled.

In an even stranger twist, Amber Heard has been living in Spain under a secret identity: Martha Jane Cannary, the real name of legendary gunslinger Calamity Jane. A local shopkeeper even told a reporter that she speaks Spanish “with a Mexican accent,” which may be due to several factors: her brother-in-law is Latino, she’s from Texas (Spanish is a near-necessity to order great food), and she appeared in Machete Kills with Danny Trejo, who could have taught her to properly speak the language. Either way, she’s managed to go on living on the island for months without being found by American media, which is quite a feat.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman

Heard’s life now is a far cry from the one she had before the trial, which resulted in over $10 million in damages being awarded to her ex-husband. Not only has her personal reputation taken a beating, her career has been largely derailed, and just this week, reports emerged that she has not been on-set for reshoots of her DC film Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, in which she plays Mera. That has led to more speculation that Amber Heard’s role may indeed be cut out of the film entirely, to avoid negative publicity.

While she appeals to have the trial verdict thrown out, Amber Heard is trying to salvage her career. In addition to Aquaman 2, Heard has finished work on an Italian thriller called Into the Fire, an indie-budget film in which she plays a doctor treating a child who may be possessed by the devil. She also turned down a multi-million dollar offer to appear in an adult film.

Amber Heard may have to return to America sooner than she would like. She is being sued by her insurance company, who suddenly doesn’t want to pay out the million-dollar judgment against her. It claims her coverage doesn’t cover the damages she inflicted willfully with her 2018 op-ed accusing Depp of abuse, particularly when those damages add up to over $10 million.