Amber Heard Gaining Sympathy Over Johnny Depp After New Revelations?

Amber Heard had her public image destoryed after her lawsuit with Johnny Depp, but new court documents could be leading to the actress gaining more sympathy.

By James Brizuela | Published

amber heard

Johnny Depp beat out Amber Heard in the courtroom, as the six-week-long defamation trail that was shown on television ended up with Depp soundly winning. This led to the public opinion of Heard being all but destroyed. She was mocked while in court, and even worse after interviewing about losing the lawsuit. Although Depp had won, loyal fans paid a large sum to get unsealed court documents released. However, this plan has seemingly backfired. The once sealed documents painted Depp in a much worse light and showcased how his legal team was attempting to use nude photos of Heard in court. Because of those documents, celebrities have been unliking Depp’s victory post and distanced themselves from the actor. Now, it appears as if more people are beginning to believe Heard more.

More Amber Heard support groups are starting to pop up, with TikToks, YouTube channels, and more social media pages starting to pick apart the court documents that were likely meant to stay sealed. Johnny Depp finds himself more in a world of trouble after winning his case. These loyal Depp fans had likely attempted to further defame Heard but ended up unearthing some wild details about the lawsuit that were not revealed in court. These new documents are likely not going to cause a mistrial or get Heard out of paying the $8 million price tag she owes to Depp in damages, but it has further proven the cliche saying, “there are two sides to every story.” It appears as if Heard could have been telling the truth about her torrid relationship all along.

The issue with the lawsuit was that it had been played out on TV, and no one is going to look like their best self while sitting on a witness stand in a courtroom setting. Nervousness is sure to set in as you are being asked plenty of questions about your private life. That could have been the case for Amber Heard, who seemed to tell stories that were not believed to be true. With these new court documents haphazardly being thrown into the public eye, Heard’s claims are certainly gaining far more traction.

Johnny Depp is set to make his return to acting, while Amber Heard has all but been shunned since the trial took place. She appeared on Today, to tell her side of things after losing the lawsuit. She is rumored to be writing a tell-all book about the relationship she had with Depp, which could have resulted in another court case. However, those newly unsealed court documents may make writing the book that much easier. Depp’s legal team might still seek defamation, should the book come out.

Amber Heard claimed that she was not the perfect victim in all this, but she has stood by her story that she dealt with some heavy abuse at the hands of Johnny Depp. Her support seems to be gaining more attention now, and it could grow even larger in the coming weeks. We will see if her tell-all book comes out, and what more harrowing details are revealed about their relationship.