Amber Heard Was Almost Fired From Aquaman 2, But Not Because Of Johnny Depp

By James Brizuela | 4 weeks ago

amber heard

The controversy surrounding Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has been well known for years. The two are now locked in yet another legal battle, but this time Depp is countersuing Heard after the original claims of domestic abuse left him without two of his biggest franchise opportunities. He was reportedly eyeing a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot and he was canned from Fantastic Beasts. Heard initially wrote about Depp in an op-ed piece which may have led to more people believing Depp’s side of things. There was a petition signed by a vast number of people to get Heard thrown off Aquaman 2. Though they were unsuccessful, it seems as if she was about to be let go anyway. Reports are stating that there were “chemistry issues” between Heard and Jason Momoa, which nearly led to her firing. She could have lost out on her job without the court issues taking place.

Eventually, the studio brought back Amber Heard. However, per Puck, she was not able to increase her fee earned on the sequel film due to the ongoing issues that were happening between her and Depp. Any big studio would have thought this to be a distraction, and now that they are involved in yet another legal battle, that distraction is certainly evident. It has also been stated that she has not been able to land any lucrative roles since her personal issues with her ex-husband have been broadcast to the entire world. She did speak on the matter per her Instagram page before the case was officially set to start this week. According to her post, “hopefully when this case concludes, I can move on and so can Johnny.” That is certainly the right attitude to bring forth in a case like this. Both parties should be able to move past whatever decision the court makes.

amber heard

Amber Heard is also countersuing Depp for $100 million based on his lawsuit of $50 million for defamation of character. Her above comment might be alluding to her stating that she hopes that if she wins, he will also move on. Both parties are suing for a ridiculous amount of money, so who knows what may follow. The pair had allegedly amicably moved on after the initial restraining order was put in place by Heard. However, it wasn’t until her op-ed piece in the Washington Post that led to this current hearing. She claims to not have named Depp in her piece, but due to a few sentences within the piece, it was enough for the actor to lose out on millions from franchises he was currently working on.

There have long been rumors that Amber Heard has fabricated the domestic issues between her and Johnny Depp. There are also going to be high-profile actors coming in to testify on the matter as well. Names like James Franco, Paul Bettany, and Elon Musk are set to appear in court. They may all have more to say about these domestic issues and could possibly prove Depp’s side of things to be true. There has not been any indication if these names are specifically coming in to back up Depp, but they will all be under oath and sworn to tell the truth. These chemistry issues that Heard was accused of might also make it into court at some point. The defamation case is ongoing and opening statements are said to start this morning.