Amber Heard Mocks Australian Government In New Instagram Post?

By Doug Norrie | 30 seconds ago

amber heard

Amber Heard has been run through something of the legal ringer over the last couple of years and there is more to come for the actress. She was part of a high-profile defamation suit, is facing another major lawsuit in the United States, and is, apparently, currently under investigation in Australia for possible perjury charges. There is some chance, where the latter case is concerned, that Amber Heard is poking a little fun at the Australian government, mocking them even. That’s because it looks like she just named her dog after the country’s prime minister. 

In a post this week on Instagram, Amber Heard revealed the newest member of her family, a big old shaggy dog. And what did she name the pup? Barnaby Joyce, presumably after the current deputy prime minister of Australia. This wasn’t some random choice of a name either by Heard and it appears to be a purposeful ribbing of Joyce with whom Heard has a legal history. Check out the post that went up the day after Christmas. 

With the Christmas decorations in the background, Amber Heard welcomed her family’s new present and definitely made a point to call out Joyce in the naming of the pup. While he is currently deputy prime minister, back in 2015 he was the agriculture minister for the country. It was at this time that Amber Heard and then-husband Johnny Depp were coming into the country with their two other dogs, but the paperwork for the pets’ entry wasn’t completed sufficiently. Joyce denied the couple’s request to bring the dogs in and said the pets could either be sent back to the United States or be put down. 

This led to the dogs being sent back to the United States, but Amber Heard was still charged with illegal importing of the dogs into the country and a count of falsifying documents. She ended up paying a fine later that year. But then, the issue came back up in October when it appeared that the Australian government had reopened the case, looking into whether Amber Heard had perjured herself during the initial legal scuffle. This stemmed from information that came to light during the defamation case brought by Depp against the British tabloid The Sun. 

It doesn’t appear that investigation has concluded, and it would seem from this most recent pet naming that Amber Heard doesn’t really care all that much. It would actually seem like she is mocking Barnaby Joyce in this case. Whether this leads to a renewed vigor on the part of the Australian government to bring new charges against Heard remains to be seen. It’s unlikely that it helps her case any. 

It won’t be long until Amber Heard is back in the courtroom for another case either. That is the $50 million lawsuit filed by Johnny Depp which might be gaining steam. Depp is suing Heard for defamation over an op-ed the actress penned for the Washington Post. In it, she claims to have been the victim of abuse. While she didn’t name Depp specifically, it appeared she was referencing him in the piece.