Amber Heard Trends As People Try Yet Again To Get Her Cancelled For Misdeeds

By Doug Norrie | 1 month ago

amber heard

Amber Heard is trending again, and again probably not for the reason she would like. The actress is gearing up to star in Aquaman 2 but not everyone is happy about the decision. In fact, there’s a non-unsubstantial contingent out there who feels it’s completely unjust that she’s getting a chance to be in this film while ex-husband Johnny Depp has been cast out of upcoming productions. Anti-Amber Heard tweets continue to come at a steady pace on Twitter with fans continuing to voice their displeasure. 

One needs only to type in ‘Amber Heard’ into the social media platform to see the amount of vitriol being leveled her way on a pretty consistent basis. There are continued calls for the actress to be canceled and for Warner Bros. to reverse their decision to cast her in the upcoming DC Extended Universe sequel. Additionally, the #BoycottAquaman2 hashtag continues to have significant steam as well. Check out some of what’s out there on Twitter. 

And this isn’t the only place folks are trying to get Amber Heard completely canceled. There’s been a steady campaign for the better part of a year now levied at the actress wanting to have her removed from productions. Look no further than the petition which is currently sitting at almost 1.9 million signatures. The immediate request is to have her taken out of the cast for Aquaman 2. Frankly, it’s a staggering amount of people weighing in here, though it doesn’t seem to have had any significant effect on the studio. 

The correlation between those who want Amber Heard removed from her next movie (and probably all movies) and Johnny Depp fans is nearly 1:1. It’s the latter group who have taken up online arms in the fight to get Heard out of the Hollywood mix. Among this group, there’s a certain sense of injustice around the treatment of the two celebrities following the highly publicized and embarrassing court trial in the United Kingdom last summer that pitted Depp against the British tabloid The Sun. 

In that case, a number of sordid details about the two’s relationship was made public. In the end, Depp was removed from his role in the next Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film as well as a cameo in the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. He’s struggled to find gigs since then with productions keeping the actor at arm’s length. But Amber Heard didn’t see the same outcomes even though some fans see her a having been abusive in the same way Depp was accused. There were will-they-won’t-they rumors about her status in the DC Extended Universe. But on her front, there seemed little to worry about. She’s still gainfully employed there. 

Amber Heard

Amber Heard might be looking at an increased role for DC as well. Going forward there have been rumors that she will see an increased role in the franchise. It could start with this next movie after she did see some more screen time in Zack Snyder’s Justice League release a few months ago. 

While there are plenty of folks out there still calling for Amber Heard to get a cancellation, it doesn’t seem to be working. Even with the constant Twitter trending and petitions, the studios don’t appear all that concerned with the public relations hits.