Amber Heard Tries To Convince Us She Reads Books By Using Them As A Pillow

By Apeksha Bagchi | 1 week ago

amber heard

Lately, actress Amber Heard’s Instagram handle has been alive with activity as the actress has been busy sharing updates from her personal as well professional life on the social media platform. After all, that’s what these pages are for- so fans can to “get to know” their favorite celebrities a little better by getting a peek at their life and hobbies. And this time, Heard has parted the curtain to let her followers know that she is an avid bookworm when it comes to a particular writer. 

Amber Heard recently took to Instagram to share an image of herself sitting while resting her head on four books. The caption asks her followers to guess who one of her favorite authors is. Well, the answer is pretty obvious as all the four books are from the same author- British historian, Simon Sebag Montefiore. At the moment, many of his works are on the verge of being transformed into television shows or films, like Catherine the Great and Potemkin, Jerusalem: the Biography, Royal Rabbits of London, and One Night In Winter. Also, many of his books have won major literary awards and have been immensely praised. Thus, it is not hard to guess why Heard is a big fan of the author. 

This is not the first time Amber Heard has flaunted books on her Instagram page. Earlier this month, the actress posted a picture while holding Nothing But My Body by Tilly Lawless to praise her “fearless, eloquent, unrelentingly honest feminist sister.” Apparently, her love for novels isn’t just restricted to posing with them as a few months ago, Heard posted an image of herself from the sets of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, where she can be seen reading the fantasy fiction novel Surface Detail, the 12th book in his The Culture series, by the late Iain M. Banks

As we mentioned above, Amber Heard has been very active on social media lately. When she is not busy dropping surprising announcements like the birth of her daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, earlier this year, she is sharing updates about her role as Mera, the princess of Xebel and daughter of King Nereus, in the upcoming Aquaman 2. She even posted a photo of herself in her Mera attire recently. Though her aquatic Atlantean outfit is not visible, the trademark red hair of the character is on full display. 

While we can’t wait to watch Amber Heard’s Mera back in action, it seems like Aquaman 2 release date will have to be pushed back. Currently, the film is scheduled for release on December 16 next year. But recently, it was reported that the film’s star, Jason Momoa tested positive while the production was underway. While the 42-year-old actor is reportedly self-isolating since he got the diagnosis, the real tension for Warner Bros is to postpone the shooting of the film when they were already working on a tight deadline. But as Momoa is the major protagonist of Aquaman 2, a delay is very likely. At least we have Amber Heard’s perky updates to find solace in till then!