Amber Heard 2.0 Is Trending, Here’s Why

By James Brizuela | Published

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Politics in the U.S. will always be a hot topic issue. Quite honestly, that is what has divided this country so much, especially in the past decade. With Amber Heard losing her trial to Johnny Depp, many are now using that instance to make Amber Heard 2.0 trend on Twitter, and here is why. A former White House aide by the name of Cassidy Hutchinson has taken the stand and claimed that President Trump was going to be squarely in the middle of the insurrection that happened at the Capitol Building on January 6th. However, people are now arguing about the validity of her testimony, with right-wing-leaning folks comparing her testimony to that of Heard’s.

The fact that Trump supporters have latched on to Amber Heard 2.0 has resulted in plenty of the opposition also joining in on Twitter. People are comparing Heard to Trump in a big way, as they have both been labeled liars.

Amber Heard 2.0 seems to be having a reverse effect on Twitter, as people are calling out the hypocrisy of Cassidy being called a liar when most have pegged Trump as such. Cassidy’s testimony about the insurrection is sure to be the top story for weeks on end.

Here is a politician that is painting Cassidy Hutchinson as Amber Heard 2.0. Apparently, the idea is to brand her as a liar much like Heard was branded by the public. However, as per the previous tweets, people are now pointing out the opposite of this claim.

Here is a more colorful take on Amber Heard 2.0. The above Twitter user is pointing out that all the right-wing-leaning folks are upset that Cassidy Hutchinson is openly testifying against Trump and the insurrection when no one else would. Of course, she is going to be labeled as a liar.

This Twitter user hates that Amber Heard 2.0 is being used period. They are pointing out the unfair treatment that Heard has been receiving since her lawsuit ended. We understand the damage that her image has received, and now she is being dragged again through politics.

The above Twitter user has added an accompanying video about Amber Heard 2.0. According to the tweet, Heard was lying and so is Cassidy Hutchinson, and without consequences. Not sure if this person has kept up with news, but Heard’s career isn’t the best spot currently.

This tweet is a bit of a hilarious layered joke. Amber Heard 2.0 has turned into the hottest topic and meme on Twitter. Now we are wondering what is going to come of this new trial about the insurrection. As per usual, Twitter will explode with more hashtags soon.

Whatever side of the political spectrum you land on, Amber Heard 2.0 might be the place where the vilest opinions are said. Well, that is most of the time on Twitter anyway. However, there could be real consequences if Cassidy’s testimony is proven factual. Then again, former President Trump might just be exonerated again, as has been the case for the previous times he was looked at by authorities.

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