Alyssa Milano Stuns In A Low-Cut Dress In Newest Pics

By David Harrison | 4 months ago

alyssa milano

Alyssa Milano was a true child of the 80s, coming onto the scene during that decade and gaining fame on the small screen from a very young age. And over the decades she’s been able to maintain a solid career, finding roles that suit her and staying mostly relevant in the industry. When you start off super early, it’s likely easier to learn the tips fo the trade sooner. And Milano has done just that. Now she’s celebrating having a major hit movie on streaming and she’s making some media rounds to promote the flick. 

Alyssa Milano took to Instagram to show off her look before joining The Kelly Clarkson Show. And the actress broke down what exactly she was wearing from dress to shoes to jewelry. It would appear to be all part of the game when it comes to self-promotion, something Milano knows all too well about. Check out what Alyssa Milano posted on social media while promoting her new Netflix film Brazen

Brazen, based on the Nora Roberts novel, follows Alyssa Milano as Grace Miller a murder-mystery novelist with a huge following thanks to the salacious newsstand books she pens. But as with all movies like this, murder hits a little close to home when Miller’s sister is killed mysteriously. Now it’s time to put down the pen and pick up the magnifying glass because for some reason the police let Miller join the investigation. Along the way they pick up all manner of suspects because it turns out Miller’s sister was leading something of a double life. During the day she was an innocent high school teacher but by night she was a webcam mistress. 

What unfolds is Alyssa Milano hot on the trail of the real killer with all kinds of folks in the proverbial crosshairs. Was it the ex-husband? He sure looks creepy enough. Or maybe it’s a head-over-heels high school kid. If neither of them it could be the owner of the webcam company. There are no shortage of people who could have wanted Miller’s sister dead. And we are about to meet every single one of them. 

It all sounds and looks super silly. But the movie is absolutely cleaning up on Netflix where it’s been the number one offering on the streamer since it released last weekend. It’s sitting at the top of the Netflix charts by a healthy margin, a testament that folks still love the murder mystery titillation even if it looks like schlock. It’s currently sitting at 15% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But based on the early success I bet we end up seeing a whole franchise here with Alyssa Milano solving mysteries for years to come. In this way, Netflix knows how to attract big audiences to movies without exactly needing much in the way of critical love. It’s like the algorithm said something like Alyssa Milano+murder mystery+Nora Roberts title = huge success. And from that perspective, they were right. Expect to see much more Alyssa Milano over there in due time.