See Alison Brie Celebrating In A High Slit, Low-Cut Sexy Dress

Alison Brie looks fantastic in these pictures from her birthday party.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

alison brie

Alison Brie was a breakout star in the hilarious Dan Harmon comedy Community, and the show often found humor in the fact that characters felt a bit creepy if they made note of how pretty her character Annie was. In fact, Joel McHale’s character summed things up pretty well by saying that “Annie’s young” and “we try not to sexualize her.” However, many fans may have trouble doing that after seeing Brie celebrating her birthday in a high-slit, low-cut dress.

Recently, Alison Brie turned 40, and she decided to celebrate her birthday in serious style. First of all, she wore a dress that made her instantly look that much more sexy and confident (and given her baseline levels of sexy confidence, this says a lot). Second, she had the kind of killer party with friends and family that guests are sure to remember for years to come.

The rest of the birthday photos posted show Alison Brie embracing the controlled chaos of a really fun birthday party. Some were sexy photos, including one where the actor provocatively lifts up her left leg to highlight just how high the slit on that slinky black dress really is. In another photo, a camera effect accidentally leaves Brie looking like a ghost as she hugs her friend (and, honestly, “Annie has trouble hugging people because she’s a ghost” really could be a lost episode of Community).

Other photos show Alison Brie cutting a rug on the dance floor. In those pictures, she is the portrait of confidence while leading someone to the dance floor. And in most of the images, she is the beaming center of happy calm in the midst of different group photos.

alison brie

Some of the best images show Alison Brie really channeling her ample experience as a comedic actor. This includes some staged dance photos where Brie looks like she is rocking the kind of moves that would make Elaine’s Seinfeld dancing look downright slick. In another great photo, Brie is flexing her arm as she grasps a large blue pole and glares at it like it just told her the most offensive joke she has ever heard.

And in an adorable moment that proves some celebs really are just like us, Alison Brie and her friends took some photo booth-style photos that were a blend of tasteful and downright silly. For example, the first few of these images are standard group photos, and the wackiest thing about them is the funny face Brie is making. In later images, she and her friends grabbed various props (including fake money, oversized glasses, and a sign saying “OMG!”) to create some hilarious pics.

And in addition to her birthday, Alison Brie has plenty of things to celebrate right now. In the past few years, she really killed it on both GLOW and Bojack Horseman, and she starred in the quirky comedy Spin Me Round last year. And with the actor set to reprise the role of Allison Brie in the upcoming Community film, it looks like her amazing career is about to come full circle.     

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