New Company Thinks A Drug Connects People With Other Universes

A company named Medicinal Mindfulness is developing a more controlled form of DMT known as DMTx for extended, detailed drug trips.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

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One of the things that makes DMT so unique among psychedelic drugs is that many who use it report similar hallucinations involving mysterious beings. However, it’s difficult to know much about these aliens (sometimes referred to as “machine elves”) due to how short DMT trips are (usually only 10 minutes or less). Now, though, The New Republic reports that the company Medicinal Mindfulness is developing an intravenous version of DMT called DMTx that will give users a more extended trip and help the company discover whether DMT users are all actually visiting another dimension when they get high.

As far as the company goals go, some of them seem easier to achieve than others. For example, it’s easy enough to see how the intravenous nature of DMTx would give users longer trips because they are provided with a continuous dose of the drug. It’s not yet quite clear how the company plans to verify the existence of aliens or other dimensions, much less how they can prove that DMT is somehow transporting people to the same dimension.

However, it’s impossible to deny that many who use DMT report similar experiences, making it a far more consistent drug than, say, marijuana, where different strains can have very different effects that often vary by user. Ask almost anyone who has used DMT and they will report the sensation of entering into some other plane of existence, encountering welcoming ethereal creatures, and then not having much time to speak with them because the drug wears off. If nothing else, this company’s innovations will help users finally have longer experiences with these otherworldly aliens, and it will be interesting to see if longer DMT trips continue to produce similar trips for so many people.

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And regardless of whether the existence of aliens and other dimensions can be proven, this new DMT innovation will help researchers learn more about the fascinating ways that this drug interacts with our brains. For example, some studies show that the human brain naturally produces DMT, and this may have something to do with why countless users report having the same experiences while high. Whether being on DMTx has a dramatically different effect on the brain or simply prolongs the usual trip is one that both scientists and DMT enthusiasts are eager to discover.

If Medicinal Mindfulness is successful in its endeavors, then users may experience trips that last hours or quite possibly days. From a scientific perspective, this provides an unprecedented opportunity to study the effects of long-term DMT use as we never have before. But to true believers, this provides an opportunity to spend days among aliens when they could previously only spend 10 minutes in this other dimension.

Whether anyone can legally check these aliens out for an extended period is going to come down to whether the FDA approves this new kind of DMT. If they don’t approve it, then Joe Rogan and countless other DMT fans will be quite disappointed. If they do approve it, though, then we may just be able to seek out new life and explore strange new worlds, all without physically leaving our own planet.