Alicia Silverstone Poses Nude To Convince You She’s Right

Vegan Alicia Silverstone posed nude for PETA to protest leather and non-vegans.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

Alicia Silverstone has had a long career in Hollywood, starting off with a bang in the early 90’s with the classic role of Cher in the seminal movie Clueless, but as time has gone on, the star is almost equally as well known for her work with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). In a recent ad, the 46-year old Silverstone decided to pose nude to prove a point. That point is to “wear vegan”, which means using non-cow leather, and it can only be assumed that her boots are made of this alternate material.

Alicia Silverstone is a vegan, we know because she made the announcement back in 1998, soon after becoming one of the most prominent celebrities supporting PETA. This is not the first time Silverstone has posed nude for PETA, that came in 2007 for a print and video campaign, which was subsequently pulled off of some broadcast networks. In 2004, PETA voted the Crush star as “Sexiest Female Vegetarian,” just in case you were not aware she is a vegan.

PETA is known for its outlandish stunts to raise awareness about the plight of animals, including volunteers that have spent hours naked in cages on sidewalks, demonstrating the quality of life experienced by cows, chickens, and other animals raised for slaughter. Throughout the 90s and early-aughts, PETA would run ads describing the victims of serial killers in order to compare their murders to those of animals. Alicia Silverstone often issues statements on behalf of the organization, taking part in multiple ad campaigns, and devoting time during televised interviews to promote the organization’s beliefs.

alicia silverstone
Alicia Silverstone in Clueless

Amazingly, Alicia Silverstone recovered from her early misstep following Clueless, when she played Batgirl in George Clooney’s Batman and Robin. Like Chris O’Donnell, who went on to star in NCIS: LA, it took the actress a few years to recover, but she has since been involved in many projects both on the large screen and the small screen. Primarily sticking to comedies, Silverstone has had bit parts in series as varied as Cartoon Network’s Children’s Hospital, comedy-drama Miss Match, and Lip-Sync Battle, where she went up against Mena Suvari.

In theaters, Alicia Silverstone can be seen in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, based off of the hit children’s book series, underrated psychological drama The Killing if a Sacred Deer opposite Collin Farrell, and a small uncredited role in the most recent Scream, done as a fun “blink and you’ll miss it” shout-out to her 90’s roles. When it comes to streaming, she can be seen in the recent Netflix comedy film Senior Year starring Rebel Wilson, and a recurring role on The Baby-Sitter’s Club.

Vegan Alicia Silverstone pulled out of the Batman and Robin debacle and has been a consistent presence in Hollywood for almost three decades now. At times it can seem that her activism outshines her natural comedic talents, and well, that appears to be done on purpose. Fans of sexy vegans, of which Alicia Silverstone is one, can look forward to seeing their favorite vegan opposite Justin Timberlake and Benicio Del Toro in the upcoming crime-drama Reptile.