Alicia Silverstone Reveals Disturbing Sleeping Habit With Preteen Son

Alicia Silverstone has come under fire after she revealed that she still engages in a disturbing sleeping habit with her 11-year-old son.

By James Brizuela | Published

alicia silverstone

Remember Alicia Silverstone? She was the actress that annoyed us all with her catchphrases in the film Clueless. She also appeared as the first live-action Batgirl in Batman & Robin. The famed actress has been staying quite busy in the business of Hollywood, most recently appearing in the Rebel Wilson-led Netflix comedy, Senior Year. However, the once prominent actress has made headlines recently with the sleeping habit that she still shares with her son. Apparently, Alicia and her son Bear still sleep in the same bed with one another, even though he is 11 years old.

We will be the first to point out that people can parent their children any way they see fit, however, the public opinion of sleeping with your child in the same bed past a certain age is going to cause a ton of negative press. Alicia Silverstone recently revealed this information on The Ellen Fisher Podcast. She also knew the online vitriol that she would receive due to admitting this fact for the world to hear. According to Silverstone, “I don’t really care.” That is certainly one way to think about it. She honestly shouldn’t care, though it is wildly odd that she still chooses to sleep with her son still.

Alicia Silverstone has been criticized plenty in the past for the usage of her “alternative” parental style. She had apparently bathed with her son much past his younger years and raised the boy to be a vegan. While eating plant-based food is not the worst thing in the world, bathing with your child when they are past a certain age is another head-scratcher. She also potty trained her son by surveying him and not using the typical tips that most parents universally use. Again, this is her child, so she can raise him as she pleases. She added, “I’m a natural mama, and I’m a loving mama. I believe in love, I believe in nature and our society is scared of nature and love.” We will certainly agree that this society is scared of love, or rather, they forgot what love is about. People often mock and attack those with different lifestyles or perspectives plenty, but it sounds like Alicia is not going to pay attention to the haters of the world.

Alicia Silverstone had her son Bear with her ex-husband, Christopher Jarecki. Apparently, he had shared the view of skepticism with the rest of the world, as he reportedly thought Alicia’s parenting style was “hippie s***.” Now, according to Alicia, he is fully on board with her methods. We must admit that naming your son Bear is quite interesting, and we would hope the boy would be far more in tune with nature with a name like that.

Fans and critics can say what they want, but the images of Alicia Silverstone and her son seem to be chock full of smiles and love. We are not sure about the psychological damage the mind goes through when you sleep with your parents past a certain age, but hopefully, it’s nothing serious for the boy. As long as he turns out to be a good person, who cares how long he slept in his mother’s bed.