See Alexandra Daddario In A Sultry Tank Top In Sexy Video

Alexandra Daddario has once again stunned her many fans on her Instagram page, as she posted a sexy video of herself getting ready in a sultry tank top.

By James Brizuela | Published

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No one can deny that people put a lot into getting ready for whatever occasion they see fit by wearing makeup or putting on a fancy outfit. Well, Alexandra Daddario offered fans a quick look at what it looks like when she gets ready to go out. She provided the world with a time-lapse video of her getting ready for her day. She shows the struggles that it takes when she has to wear her hair up all day. However, she does look quite sexy in the video, especially in the “after” image that shows the fruits of her hard work by taking her hair down. You can see the video below:

Alexandra Daddario might be making a slight joke here, as she comments on the “benefits” of wearing her hair up all day. The time-lapse video then shows the starlet battling with her hair while she tries to take it down and style it in a different way. Still, she looks amazing in her tank top, especially with the model shot she gets after all her hard work. The world seems to agree that she looks spectacular, as over 1.3 million people have liked the video and photo collection. The over 4,000 comments are full of the fire emoji, which we all know means she looks amazing. She certainly does.

Although we are not sure what she happens to have been ready for, we do know that the actress is currently involved in shooting her newest series, Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches. The new series for AMC is one of two Anne Rice adaptations that are set to appear on the network. Alexandra Daddario takes on the role of Dr. Rowan Fielding, who finds out that her family is of the occult. She must then decide what to do about the situation. The series recently was given an early 2023 release, which is certainly good news. But before that series premieres, Daddario is set to start in a film called Wildflower. She will take on the role of a character named Joy, in the film. Wildflower follows the life of a girl named form Bea, who traverses life from birth to graduation while dealing with a parent that has an intellectual disability.

Alexandra Daddario fans can always head to her Instagram page, where she keeps plenty busy showing off her personal life, including some photos shown with partnerships she has with certain clothing brands. Whatever she happens to post, she always looks stunning, including fighting with her own hair for a good photo.

Alexandra Daddario is certainly a beautiful woman, and that is always reflected in the images that she provides on her social media pages. If she wasn’t an actress, she could easily jump into the world of modeling. She looks amazing in the above video, and in the nearly daily posts that she delivers on her Instagram page. However, we are glad she is still an actress because we can’t wait to see how she does in the Mayfair Witches series.