See Alexandra Daddario Sunbathing In A Skintight Two-Piece

By Nathan Kamal | Published

Alexandra Daddario

Things are looking pretty great for Alexandra Daddario. She has been announced to be starring as the lead of a new show on AMC, she was just nominated for her first Emmy Award, and she just got married. All in all, that is a pretty great year for anyone to have, and it is only July. However, all that accomplishment probably takes a lot of work. That is why we are happy to see Alexandra Daddario relaxing on vacation in Hawaii, and especially happy to see her in a very tight two-piece swimsuit as she does so. Check it out:

See what we mean? Alexandra Daddario has a very robust presence on social media and is particularly prone to posting pictures of herself in a series of exceptionally well-chosen outfits. In this particular Instagram post, Alexandra Daddario is wearing a purple and lavender striped trunk bottom bikini and a pair of dark sunglasses. She is lying down on what looks like the edge of an infinity pool, gazing up at the sky. Behind her is an almost absurdly picturesque view, with a line of tall palm trees framing an enormous cloud partly obscuring an island in the Pacific Ocean. It looks about as close to heaven as one can get. 

The next picture in the slide does not include any more images of Alexandra Daddario sunning herself in a multicolored bikini, regrettably. But there is a nearly-as-good photo of a rainbow against a cloudy Hawaiin sky and some more palm trees, which we can hardly fault in terms of vacation photos. 

Alexandra Daddario was recently nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie for her work in the first season of The White Lotus. In the Mike White-created anthology series, Alexandra Daddario played a journalist named Rachel Patton, struggling with both her career and marriage to the demanding and entitled Shane (Jake Lacy). While Alexandra Daddario is unlikely to show up in the second season of the HBO show, it has clearly been a big boost to her career. 

The actress first came to prominence starring in the Percy Jackson series of movies, in which she played Annabeth Chase, the demigod daughter of the Greek god Athena. She has since lent her support to the casting of Leah Sava Jeffries in the same role in the upcoming Disney+ reboot of the series. In another huge step for her career, Alexandra Daddario will be starring in AMC’s upcoming series Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches as Rowan Mayfair, a beautiful and troubled neurosurgeon returning to her ancestral New Orleans home and her beautiful and troubled mysterious family. The series is part of AMC’s new attempt to create a franchise around the work of gothic fantasy writer Anne Rice’s works; Mayfair Witches will follow a television adaptation of Interview with the Vampire starring Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid. There is some crossover no doubt planned for the future, but that is just more Alexandra Daddario on screen and that’s fine by us.