See Alexandra Daddario Show Off A Tight Bustier And Rubber Gloves

In this photo, Alexandra Daddario makes rubber gloves look like a sexy bustier's perfect match.

By Jessica Scott | Updated

alexandra daddario

Don’t you just hate it when someone interrupts you when you’re just trying to give your dog a bath in your bustier and full makeup? This seems to be what happened in a new photo shared by an Alexandra Daddario fan page on Instagram, in which the White Lotus actress is caught in the kitchen in a nude-colored bustier, holding a small dog with soap subs on his head while she wears yellow rubber cleaning gloves and looks annoyed. 

Alexandra Daddario is elegant as all get out in this photo, with her hair in an updo and smokey eye makeup that brings out her trademark big blue eyes, but what exactly she is doing with the grumpy-looking dog (and why she is seemingly washing him with a dish sponge) is a mystery.

What is not a mystery is why she is holding a dog in the first place. Alexandra Daddario is famous for her love of cute, cuddly canines. According to US Weekly, she recently teamed up with  Subaru to help promote their #MakeADogsDay initiative, which helps dogs with special needs find their forever homes.

According to Inquisitr, Alexandra Daddario has at least three dogs of her own, all of whom often show up on her own Instagram page. One named Levon, in particular, made a big impact on her life. She met him in 2013, when she was meant to take him home for the weekend but completely fell in love.

“The second he was in my house, I fell in love with Levon and he never went back to the shelter,” she said.

Levon appeared in almost 50 percent of Alexandra Daddario’s Instagram posts for years and even had his own account with more than 41,000 followers. Unfortunately, though, the good boy passed away in December 2020, breaking the actress’ heart. “He loved me and I loved him and we were a little team and I am completely heartbroken over losing him,” she wrote in a post about his passing.

Fortunately, Alexandra Daddario doesn’t have to grieve alone. She also has two other dogs, one named Eunice and a bigger one with black hair and floppy ears. We don’t know this one’s name, but she refers to him or her as her “shower companion” because he or she apparently likes to keep her company in the bathroom whenever she takes a shower. 

alexandra daddario
Alexandra Daddario in The White Lotus

But wait, there’s more! 

Alexandra Daddario also posts pictures of a fourth dog named Geraldo (Gerry for short), who belongs to her best friend Morgan Nally. He may not be her dog, but he often does photoshoots with the actress (including the one that led to the photo that started this article). She shares a special bond with him, as he reminds her a bit of her late Levon.

“Happy first birthday to Gerry-dog, who barks the same way and at the same times as Levon-dog because he learned it living with him as a puppy,” she wrote in a post in 2021. “Sorry to Morgan’s neighbors.”

She and her fiance, Andrew Form, also have two cats, but it seems that Alexandra Daddario is really a dog person at heart. She is a huge supporter of dog adoption and often speaks about the joys and benefits of dog ownership, not just for the dog but for the human as well. As she stated in an interview: “Having a dog brings so much joy into your life, allowing you to access that nurturing part of your spirit.”