Alexandra Daddario Realized A President Saw Her Naked

Alexandra Daddario made a hilarious joke that President Barack Obama has seen her naked in True Detective.

By James Brizuela | Published

Alexandra Daddario might be one of the most popular actresses currently, but one of her biggest roles in television occurred in 2014 when she portrayed Lisa Tragnetti in True Detective Season 1. Daddario would go on to bare a lot, as she shared a sex scene with Woody Harrelson, leaving her to realize that President Obama had now seen her breasts.

The hilarious joke that Alexandra Daddario makes with the above Twitter post states that President Obama had reportedly asked for advanced copies of both True Detective and Games of Thrones. Asking for copies of these shows, especially as the President of the United States, is not something that is an odd request. However, it made Daddario realize that Barack Obama had now seen her full-frontal nudity.

alexandra daddario

At least Alexandra Daddario can now boast that former President Barack Obama has now seen her naked, which could be construed in many ways if she brings that fact up in passing conversations. Still, we have to hand it to Daddario for landing such a great joke, especially as her career was starting to take off. Daddario’s roles have also grown more extensive since appearing in True Detective.

Alexandra Daddario might have a good working relationship with HBO, especially after her time on True Detective. Though it would take some seven years later, Daddario would return to the high-profile network for her starring role in The White Lotus. The actress was part of season one of the now deemed anthology series, in the role of Rachel Patton.

Also, Alexandra Daddario is preparing to take on the lead role in Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, which is an adaptation of the author’s novel series. The new AMC series sees Daddario take on the role of Rowan Fielding, who is a neurosurgeon that discovers she is the heir in a family comprised of witches. Clearly, things have worked out well for Daddario’s career in television.

At the very least, if Alexandra Daddario had not made it in her acting career, she might have had a good shot at being a stand-up comedian. While her Twitter joke might be simplistic, it is still quite good. Granted, former President Barack Obama did not respond to Daddario, but it would have been that much more hilarious if he had.

Barack Obama has moved on from being the president, but he and his wife Michelle do own a production company. They have produced the Sweet Tooth series on Netflix, which is now entering its second season. Maybe one day, Alexandra Daddario will be part of a production put on by Mr. Obama, and she can share this hilarious joke with the man.

We understand how awkward it would be for Alexandra Daddario to ask the former President of the United States if he saw her tweet about him seeing her breasts, so let’s not be crazy and think it would happen. Still, it is just a great joke all around. Hats off to Daddario for showcasing her hilarious side and delivering one of the best jokes on Twitter.