Alexandra Daddario Shows Off Her Abs In A Cutout Dress In Gorgeous New Post

By Nathan Kamal | 1 month ago

Alexandra Daddario

It probably feels pretty good to be Alexandra Daddario right now. After all, the years of laboring in bit parts on sitcoms like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and New Girl, playing third fiddle to Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in the film version of Baywatch, and being in the music video for that one Imagine Dragons song is finally paying off. Daddario is just coming off a starring role in the first season of Mike White’s HBO anthology series The White Lotus, and is set to be the lead in a new AMC show based on a beloved, enormously popular dark fantasy series. That probably explains why Alexandra Daddario looks so incredibly cheerful in the picture she posted to Instagram recently: 

In the picture, Alexandria Daddario is standing in what looks like an extremely tall high-rise building with floor-to-ceiling windows. The San Andreas star is cheerfully grinning and pointing at the brightly lit Empire State Building in the distance. Combined with this other Instagram post of her standing atop Central Park’s famous Umpire Rock (Rat Rock, if you’re nasty), it is safe to assume that she is in New York City. In the high-rise picture, Daddario is wearing a dramatic outfit by Michael Kors; the black skirt piece is strikingly cut to nearly the hip, leaving her left leg bare. The black top is cut away to reveal part of her toned abs; one arm is also left completely bare, while the other is sleeved down to the wrist. The dress stretches up to a mock turtleneck, and her brown hair is wildly blowing around her. Alexandra Daddario looks like she is having a pretty good time in New York City. 

As we have previously noted, Alexandra Daddario has a robust social media presence. While many of her posts show off her preternaturally striking beauty and famously vivid blue eyes, we also get to see slices of her life like this trip to NYC. Plus, there are dogs. She posts quite a lot of dogs. But again, more of the striking beauty that captured us in season one of HBO’s True Detective. Like this: 

Alexandra Daddario was recently cast in the lead role on AMC’s upcoming series Anne Rice’s Witches of Mayfair. Based on a series of novels by the famed dark fantasy writer, the book series follows the Mayfair family, a collection of gothic, highly eroticized witches in New Orleans. While the series never grabbed the public attention in the same way as Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles (which had the advantage of a Brad Pitt/Tom Cruise/pint-sized Kirsten Dunst movie behind it), they have a devoted fan following that doubtlessly will be showing up for a television adaptation. AMC is also producing a series based on her vampire novels, which will precede Witches of Mayfair and almost certainly cross over at some point. So if you like seeing Alexandra Daddario being cheerful rather than gothically serious, keep checking out her Instagram.