See Alexandra Daddario Paddle Board In A Jaw-Droppingly Sexy Bathing Suit

By James Brizuela | Published

alexandra daddario

Summer is upon us, and naturally, everyone is going to start showing off their summer looks. That is the case for the always gorgeous Alexandra Daddario, who has taken to Instagram to show off her sexy bathing suit while she was having some fun in the sun with paddle boarding. The collection might be seen as a bit of promotion for a swimsuit brand called Aerie, but regardless, the actress looks amazing. Also, she has some good balance, because we might fall off a paddle board far too easily. You can see this collection of photos below:

Her two-piece aqua bikini shows off her amazing body, and Alexandra Daddario also comments on how hard paddle boarding is. We totally get that. As previously stated, we would fall off that board immediately. However, it appears as if the actress had much better luck and was able to get some nice shots in as well. She is joined by her sister, as the women flaunt their festive bikinis on what appears to be a dock. With her staggering 22.5 million followers, this collection went viral almost instantly. The pics have over 1.9 million likes and well over 4,000 comments. Most of the comments are about how amazing the women look. We agree.

Alexandra Daddario might be blowing off some steam in the water, even though this seems to be a photo shoot for the bikini brand. She is staying busy in her career, as the actress is currently filming her lead role for the AMC series, Mayfair Witches. The series is based on the work of Anne Rice, who previously had her work turned into Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned. The former is also being turned into a new reboot series for AMC as well. Rice is a celebrated author who built a world based on the exploits of a vampire named Lestat.

On top of Alexandra Daddario leading Mayfair Witches, she has a starring role in a film called Wildflower. She will portray a character named Joy. The film is currently in the post-production stages and is expected to be released sometime this year. It stands to reason that it could be sometime in the fall months given the stage the film is currently at. Wildflower follows a girl named Bea from birth to graduation who must deal with life and her intellectually disabled parent. Her extended family plays a part in the story, as they can’t agree on how to help Bea and her mother.

Alexandra Daddario has been garnering bigger roles as of late, and we can’t wait to see her in Mayfair Witches. The actress has already been in a big series, The White Lotus, on HBO. The series has since been turned into an anthology story, so the second season will cover a new group of characters, so there is no telling if Daddario will be back for the second season. The actress is constantly updating her fans on her social media challenges with her newest looks, and she is clearly ready for the summertime.