Alexandra Daddario Goes Barely Dressed While Getting Worked On

Alexandra Daddario posed for an Instagram pic while wearing nothing but her robe while getting ready for the Dior fashion show.

By Melissa Murphy | Published

Fashion fans know that Dior shows attract a stunning lineup of celebrities and provides some of the best street fashion to the audience. This year the Mayfair Witches actress Alexandra Daddario was invited as a Dior VIP. Fans got to see her take to Instagram to showcase what she would be wearing to the show and a scantily clad image of her getting all dolled up for her gorgeous black dress

The image, posted to Instagram, showed her getting her hair and makeup done in preparation for her appearance at the fashion show. Alexandra Daddario can be seen in just a light robe, draped across her shoulders and held in place by her crossed arms. The breathtaking black-and-white image shows Alexandra Daddario getting the finishing touches done to her hair and makeup. 

In the same post, fans got to see the stellar dress she wore to attend the fashion show. The gorgeous black dress has a victorian flair to it with a corset top and ankle-length skirt. The dress manages to be both alluring and secretive.

Covering her body from neck to ankle, the black dress is a stark contrast to the nearly-naked photo of her getting ready to don the piece. While fashion fans often look to Fashion Week with excitement to see all the stellar designs grace the runway, to Alexandra Daddario, the most important thing you can wear is confidence. As the fashion industry becomes increasingly superficial, The White Lotus actress brought a more down-to-earth feel to the show. 

Alexandra Daddario noted before heading to the show how excited she felt to get to wear the stunning black dress. The whole look just felt right to her. She even got to pair the vintage look with a bold red lip and a cool updo, her absolute favorite. 

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario is no stranger to posing nearly nude or in her underwear. The star is able to pull off intimate poses perfectly and with a confident flair many fans wish they could emulate. To Alexandra Daddario, it matters less what you have on your body and more about what you have inside to rock a look. 

As the actress prepared to appear as a VIP guest at Dior’s fashion show, she explained how important fashion is. The right clothing paired with stellar hair and makeup can make anyone feel their best. That is why she decided to partner with Dior this year, she wanted to highlight the importance of fashion. 

As for Alexandra Daddario herself, she noted how she feels her best when she has her hair and makeup done professionally. It’s a process that she relishes, as fans can see in the smile on her face in the photo posted to Instagram. Being surrounded by good people, lively conversation, and a fun atmosphere is her ideal setup to get ready. 

Alexandra Daddario has been open in the past about how her style changed over the years. When she first started out as an actress in New York, she wasn’t able to afford a lavish wardrobe, meaning she had to fill her closet with clothes for auditions. Today, the star is happy she can embrace her own personal style through her clothing and emit confidence for all to see.