Alexa Demie: Her Nude Scene And Why She Did It

Alexa Demie has an Instagram account with 11.4 million followers. And she chose to go topless in a scene on Euphoria.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Alexa Demie knows a good thing when she sees it, especially when it comes to her appearance. She has a great eye for makeup, a great eye for style, and apparently, a great eye for eyewear as well.

So maybe that’s why she has no problem doing nude scenes. What Demie is best known for, though, is her role as Maddy Perez on the hit HBO series, Euphoria with Zendaya and Sydney Sweeney. Alexa Demie established herself as a huge presence on the show with her bold nude scene in the show’s very first season.

While we know all these good things about Demie, there is one thing we may never know – Alexa Demie’s age. What gives?


Alexa Demie has done a nude scene. She chose to get naked in an episode of Euphoria. Well, sort of naked. The scene was a topless shot and she took the decision to do it seriously.

Sex and drugs are key components of Euphoria, but Alexa Demie knew what she was getting into when she decided to be naked on television. “It was really tough for me. It was a huge back and forth in my head about whether I wanted to be nude or not,” Demie said to The Hollywood Reporter.

Ultimately, Demie decided it was fine to go topless in a non-sex scene where she is changing clothes with her girlfriends as this is what she’d do in real life. And that is how Alexa Demi ended up naked on camera.

Alexa Demi’s nude scene happens in the very first season of Euphoria, in episode 3. However, that nude scene isn’t the only erotic content Alexa Demi has done for the show. It’s a sex-heavy series and she’s ended up in numerous risque shots.

Most of those have been partially clothed or carefully lit with shadows, including scenes where she’s having sex doggy style. She’s shied away from none of it.

When Euphoria hit the airwaves, it hit like a sledgehammer. The powerful and compelling series, created by Sam Levinson, who had written many versions of the story until it was shaped into its current iteration, was based on Levinson’s experience with drugs while he was a teen going to school, though perhaps his real life had less nudity.

In June 2018, pretty much the entire cast was announced. Of course, the big name at the time was Zendaya, but as the first season was rolled out, the young cast was beginning to make a name for themselves.

Alexa Demie was called on to play Maddy Perez, a high school student who has an off-and-on and finally off relationship with Jacob Elordi’s Nate Jacobs.

Since day one, Euphoria has been railed upon by conservative critics who think the amount of drugs, sex, nudity, and all-around bad behavior by high school teenagers is not something that should be showcased.

Even Levinson acknowledged the fact that these controversies should have legs. In the pilot episode alone, fans get a close-up and personal view of something never seen on the small screen – an erect penis.

True, the EP is not from one of the younger stars, but instead that of veteran Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane. Still, it’s shocking nonetheless, especially given the fact that his character had just committed statutory rape with a 17-year-old trans girl.

Then you have a sex scene with two teens that involve choking. In another episode during the series’ first season, fans will get their thrill at seeing almost 30 penises flash across the screen.


Here is what’s amazing about Alexa and her Instagram social media account. She very rarely, if ever, posts to it. In the entire time she has maintained an Instagram account, she has posted a total of 25 times. That’s helped her avoid the mistakes some celebrities have made, like posting semi-nude photos on the internet.

But, Alexa Demie still has over 11.4 million followers. Perhaps with her starring role in Euphoria and her photos in Fairy Tales, Demie doesn’t feel the need to promote herself over social media. That’s fine, but maybe she can clear up this age thing?


alexa demie

Alex Demie has not been in the entertainment business for long. The Los Angeles-born Demie is the daughter of make-up artist Rose Mendez, which may explain Demie’s infatuation with make-up and style.

By all accounts, mainly Demie’s, her upbringing was less than ideal, despite her mother’s best intentions. As she explained to The Face, “I experienced some crazy shit,” Demie said. ​

“I knew all the kids in the neighborhood. We would all ride bikes and hang out and go down to the river. It was normal for us to see the drug addicts. Across the street from our house was a literal meth lab. I remember one day the cops came and busted the house. They were like: ​‘If one thing would’ve lit on fire, this entire block would’ve blown up.”

Alexa Demie, though, does have some fond memories of her childhood although she admits there was often a lot of tension between her and her mother.

“It was honestly fun. It was fun growing up there. It really was. I feel like it really shaped who I was, and it also helped me gain perspective and also to trust my intuition. We were in many situations that were not safe,” Demie recalled.

Some of the situations she saw included the day-to-day meth head dealings, homeless people run-ins who camped on the river’s edge, and often alongside the teenage party spots. But Demie was wise enough to know better and trust her instincts. “My gut always told me: ​‘Stay back, don’t go.’ So I feel like it helped me to trust my gut a lot.”

Looking back, Alexa Demie says it was meant to be that she was born in a “special place” where wants to come to so they can “live their dreams. I think I was definitely meant to be born here. Acting and singing, it’s just something I’ve done since I was little. At school, I would stand on this box and perform songs, and whoever wanted to watch me would watch me. I remember I would tell the teacher: ​‘Can you get everyone to sit on the carpet because I’m going to do a performance.’ I just wanted to perform for whoever, whenever. I loved acting, singing, and fashion too.”

Demie doesn’t appear to have any regrets as to how she started and where, so far, she has ended up. It has been a source of pride for her, the determination just to be successful.

“I’ve always been very headstrong about what I wanted to do,” she said. “Everyone in my life knows that. I knew I was going to do something in art or music or film and I was not going to stop until I made my mark. I left home really young and camped all over LA with friends, whoever would let me. I lived in an acting studio at one point. I loved it. I mean, there were many, many low points. But I just kept going.”


alexa demie

Alexa Demie always knew she wanted to be a performer. Entertainment was her thing. Sometimes, though, it takes a detour or two to get to where one feels they need to go.

For Demie, her detour came early on. As a student in elementary school all the way up through high school, Demie claims she was bullied. She says she’d leave school early just to avoid certain perilous situations.

“I was in the performing arts program in senior year,” Demie said to Wonderland Magazine, “and I only had one or two classes, so I’d go straight home and work on my sunglasses.” Wait, what? Sunglasses?

Demie would first grab a few boxes of plain frames in downtown Los Angeles, take them home and start working on them. She would customize them with gems and beads to give them style.

Believe it or not, her glasses, which she labeled Mainframes, attracted the attention of some heavy hitters, Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj among them.

She got an investment from Japan and even flew across the Pacific to meet with Japanese businessmen the summer after she graduated high school. But here was the problem. “They wanted me to start mass producing them, and that’s not something I wanted to do,” she says. “I wanted to keep it handmade and very select.” Bye, bye sunglasses business.


Alexa Demie’s professional acting career officially started in 2016 when she got the role of Shairee on the hit series, Ray Donovan. This role led her right into her first feature film, Brigsby Bear, which saw her star alongside the likes of Claire Danes, Greg Kinnear, Matt Walsh, and Mark Hamill.

Demie got her second TV series in 2018 when she appeared on Love. She followed that with the film Mid90s and then got an episode on the series The OA. But it was in 2019 when Alexa Demie made her biggest splash.


The controversies surrounding Euphoria don’t revolve strictly around the sex and the drugs, they have also begun to creep up into Alex Demie’s personal life. Apparently, Demie doesn’t like to tell anyone her age. In fact, her Wiki page does not include a birthdate, but her IMDB page has it listed as December 11, 1990.

If this is to be believed, it would put Alexa Demie at almost 32 years of age. Why we say “if this is to be believed” is because in numerous interviews the actress has given over the past three years of her time on Euphoria. Reportedly, her birthday is December 11, 1990.

Fans were quick to rail at the actress when it came out that Alexa Demie was 31 years old. Again, we are not sure if that is even true since Demie has not officially gone on record to clarify. A Vulture profile on Demie in 2019 also put her age at 24 and another for In Style magazine said Demie was “almost 25.”

Fans have become obsessed with Alexa Demie’s age. She has become a popular meme and internet fodder, but through it all, Demie continues to be Demie. She does have a lot of people sticking up for her though.

So, what is it, Alexa? Are you in your mid-20s? Are you going to be 32 in December? Seriously, does it truly make a difference?


While Alexa Demie continues to make noise on Euphoria, she will also be sure to create an even bigger buzz with her next project. The actress is teaming up with photographer Petra Collins to bring their vision to the world. The project is called Fairy Tales and it is a 152-page hardcover book that includes stories, illustrations, and photographs of Demie in various fairy tale attire.

Both Collins and Demie leaned on their own childhood stories to bring this book to life and let’s just say, these aren’t your normal, everyday fairytales that they are presenting. While you may see a sprite here, a fallen angel there, and even a banshee or two, but a closer look at these and you will see that they may be bound in shibari rope or sliding down stripper poles.