Alec Baldwin Roasted After Begging For More Followers

Alec Baldwin took to Instagram to beg for his wife, Hilaria, to get more followers on Instagram.

By Jessica Scott | Published

alec baldwin

In Alec Baldwin’s recent Instagram post, he paid tribute to his wife on her birthday by… begging for more followers on Instagram? According to the video, Hilaria Baldwin was just a few followers shy of a million on the social media site. So after a shaky start (where the Rust actor got the date wrong but didn’t restart the video) and some glowing praise for his wife, he got right to the point: please follow Hilaria on Instagram. 

Admittedly, the video was quite cringey – so cringey, in fact, that it had users all over social media making fun of the actor. But in spite of that, it worked. Alec Baldwin later posted a photo of a handwritten note that said “Many thanks to everyone who helped get my wife to 1 million followers.”

But let’s get back to the roasting. According to Page Six, so-called “trolls” have been criticizing Alec Baldwin for being out of touch. “One million followers is what’s important on a birthday?? Give me a break,” someone commented on the original video, implying that having millions of people look at your videos and photos on the internet is somehow not as important as things like love and family and world peace. 

Others were more concerned with learning why the actor had to post four other times about Hilaria’s Instagram in addition to his pleading video. One video seems supportive, but multiple, increasingly desperate pleas just seem over the top. That being said, I guess no one can say that he doesn’t support his wife’s career.

The operative word used in most of the critical comments, however, is “shallow,” with many expressing disbelief that he could be so superficial. Some also wondered if Hilaria put Alec Baldwin up to it, because even their 9-year-old daughter Carmen recorded a video for her dad’s Instagram, asking for users to “Follow my mom on Instagram,” followed by “please, and thank you.”

The roasting hasn’t been limited to Instagram, either. Even Twitter users have been posting about the strange incident, with many describing Alec Baldwin’s video as “embarrassing” and just “bizarre.” 

One Twitter user quipped that maybe it would help if Alec Baldwin added “por favor,” in reference to Hilaria’s bizarre heritage incident in 2020. She was criticized then for using a Spanish accent when she is not, in fact, Spanish at all. 

As if that weren’t weird enough, she then proceeded to blame everyone else for assuming she was Spanish in the first place… based solely on what she said and how she presented herself. 

Before she was Mrs. Alec Baldwin, she was born Hillary Hayward-Thomas to two “bourgeois Bostonians.” But her speaking in a fake Spanish accent, talking about going “home” to Spain when her parents just happened to be there at the time, and appearing in Spanish magazines with an incorrect biography written by someone else, understandably led to some confusion over her identity that still brings her ridicule today.

Perhaps that’s why Alec Baldwin felt he had to work so hard to pump up his wife’s numbers on Instagram. All the best influencers know that there’s no better high than reaching a million followers on Insta, so it was sure to make her feel better. “I mean, there are people hungry and living on the streets in Arctic temperatures, but okay,” snarked another critic on Baldwin’s post.

Another added, “Hope she is living a better life now–we all pray for her to get to 2 mil.” Maybe they shouldn’t have given Alec Baldwin that idea … we could be in for some more desperate videos in the future!