After Cannibal Accusations, Armie Hammer Now Prime Suspect In Criminal Investigation

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

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Armie Hammer is running on the wrong side of cancel culture these days. Though with these things there are always levels of severity around different actions and items concerning celebrity. And in the case of Hammer, things appear to be pretty serious when it comes to allegations he’s facing. After being a part of some weird rumors around his sexual proclivities a few months ago things are looking much more serious now. A criminal investigation has been opened against Hammer stemming from a woman accusing him of rape. 

The accusation against Armie Hammer is from a woman, who came out publicly on Thursday to explain some of the details around the purported incident. She specifies the date as April 24, 2017 and says that it was then that Hammer sexually assaulted her over a period of hours in Los Angeles. She was graphic in her description accusing him of both physical and sexual assault. 

Armie Hammer, through his lawyer, has denied the accusations and offered a lengthy statement contending that the woman’s claims are bogus. They even released a series of text messages between the actress and the woman that appear to reset some of the timelines mentioned and even have the actor saying they shouldn’t enter a relationship. It’s unclear, as of right now, where the truth lies in this matter through the Los Angeles Police Department has apparently opened up a case to look into the accusations. 

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These new accusations about Armie Hammer are of course incredibly disturbing if they end up having validity. There have also been other rumors around the actor of late that point to some possible oddities when it comes to his sexual appetites. While nothing has been confirmed, he was recently removed from two upcoming movie projects because of rumors flying around that he had some cannibalistic fetishes. 

The rumors around Armie Hammer and his apparent taste for the flesh came when some Twitter users released what appeared to be direct messages from the actor in which he detailed some different things he’d enjoy doing to a variety of people. One of those things was eating their flesh. Again, they weren’t proven but did follow some other tweets he’d engaged with that appeared to point to some s&m leanings.

Before the dust settled around these rumors, Armie Hammer had lost a couple of movie roles. He was set to star in Shotgun Wedding with Jennifer Lopez. At the time Hammer said he was leaving the movie to spend time with his family the fallout of the original accusations. Then his role in The Offer was rescinded by the studio, leaving him effectively out of work. 

Where these latest Armie Hammer accusations leave the actor remains to be seen. They are obviously very serious and the police becoming involved means this isn’t the last we will hear about this situation. It’s one thing to have a Twitter rumor swirling around, it’s quite another to have criminal investigations starting. We’ll keep you posted on this situation as more details emerge.