Adam Sandler Is Receiving An Honor No One Saw Coming

By Erika Hanson | 11 seconds ago

adam sandler

When you think of Adam Sandler, what comes to mind? For some, it might be the obnoxious yet beloved man-child voice that undeniably paved the way for some of the best comedies of the ‘90s. For others, it might be the cringe-worthy years of countless failed projects from an overplayed persona. But apparently, for many, style icon is the new title given to the Saturday Night Live vet. In a move absolutely no one saw coming, the biggest fashion magazine in the world, Vogue, just named Adam Sandler as 2021’s fashion icon.

Examples of Adam Sandler’s iconic style choices can be seen in the tweets below.

Baggy gym shorts and tee’s three times your size aren’t usually considered high-end fashion, but in a COVID-filled world, anything goes. And while the “I woke up like this” style has been making waves for a while, perpetually being stuck at home definitely throttled the laid-back style into popularity. And with that popularity came an unusual idol for all things cushy: Adam Sandler. Oversized baggy sweats aren’t anything new to the father of two who has long been rocking the style. And maybe that’s the exact reason he beat out fashion-forward celebs like Harry Styles and Lizzo to become the top trending Google search for celebrity style. 

Adam Sandler’s style really hasn’t even evolved over his lengthy career. More likely, his newfound popularity has likely been heightened with his Hollywood comeback. After rising to success with his work on Saturday Night Live, Sandler went on to star in some of the top comedies of the ’90s like Billy Maddison, Happy Gilmore, and The Wedding Singer. But as the comedian continued to pump out movies into the turn of the century, his fame weened, and his characters became heavily overplayed, and often outright flops. However, 2019 brought an opportunity for Sandler to make his long-awaited comeback to Hollywood-and in an unexpected way.

It wasn’t another comedy that would bring the 55-year-old back to popularity. Instead, his portrayal of Howard Ratner, a cash-poor gambling-addicted diamond dealer, in Uncut Gems won over the hearts of movie-goers and showcased Adam Sandler’s acting skills. A huge success, the film was raved by critics. And although it never came to fruition, Sandler was considered by many a viable contender to be nominated for the Best Actor Academy Award. 

adam sandler

So what is it about Adam Sandler’s comfy style that makes him stand out from other celebrities donning the look? Other than him possibly being the seasoned king of oversized clothes, it’s likely his lack of even noticing the attention that makes the look so desirable. But even before Vogue bestowed the 2021 fashion icon title on the Big Daddy start, fashion brands were taking notice of his growing fashion trend.

The company Old Jewish Men has taken Adam Sandler and branded him into their mascot. In the past, the account has broadcasted Sandler’s attire often photographed to further their trend. In fact, a jaunt over to their official website can get you just a click away from purchasing the brand’s popular “Sandler shorts”- oversized gym shorts much like Sandman himself would rock. 

While we’re glad that Vogue is aiming to normalize and reinvent fashion with a more casual look, we wouldn’t count on seeing Adam Sandler’s oversized attire draped on runway models anytime soon. However, we do look forward to seeing if the actor’s newfound momentum can resonate in his upcoming projects. Other than checking out his streetwear, you can look forward to plenty of upcoming film projects from the comedian, as he is slated to star in four upcoming films through a deal with Netflix