See Adam Sandler Make A Wild Basketball Shot

By Annie Banks | 17 seconds ago

adam sandler basketball

In the illustriousness of his acting career, Adam Sandler has made his love for comedy just as known as his love for sports. Perhaps his wardrobe choice of graphic tees paired with oversized basketball shorts have given away his affinity for basketball, or his intention to insert the game into his work may incline audiences to tune in to how fond he is of the game. Adam Sandler has also been seen playing games of pick-up between time shooting on set, recruiting fans to join in on the impromptu matches. His most recent athletic feat? Shooting from a balcony into a nearby hoop: and skillfully scoring.

You can see a video of the shot from Adam Sandler below.

Adam Sandler shared a post on Instagram that captures the shot in real-time, and his bragging rights over the video are well deserved. The star is known for integrating the game of basketball into his work and weaves the sport into the plot wherever he can see it fit. Grown Ups uses the characters’ youth basketball league in the film’s ultimate ending, where the team faces off with their previous rivals. Uncut Gems was a change of pace for Adam Sandler’s cinematic history, replacing immature humor with more dramatic themes. The film turned into a significant talking point through film communities and pop culture circles, but there is no denying the influence of basketball, as the plot pivots on the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

The theme of sports, with basketball particularly in mind, will be continued in Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix feature, Hustle. In the movie, he has assigned himself to a character that is a former basketball scout seeking out new perspective recruits for the NBA, all with the hopes of reviving his own career. He was asked by Netflix to make alterations to specific plot points, and instead of Adam Sandler’s character visiting China in hopes of scoping out new NBA stars, he is sent to Majorca, Spain. Netflix is not accessible through China and the Chinese government deflected the offer for Netflix to host its services throughout the nation.

adam sandler murder mystery

Adam Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison, struck a distribution deal with Netflix, which will bring more Adam Sandler-starring work to the streamer. Former Friends star Jennifer Aniston will return to work with Adam Sandler on Murder Mystery 2, a sequel to Murder Mystery that fits the bill of the actor’s performance tropes. Long-time fans of his work still patiently await sequels to films such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, or The Waterboy. Adam Sandler has not divulged any plans for additionally tacking on to films that have boosted his fame, which was founded by his casting on Saturday Night Live.

The time between working with Netflix to create new content hailing from Happy Madison may give Adam Sandler an opportunity to brush up on his basketball skills, whether it be by shooting at the net from the balcony above in order to catch viral moments on video, or challenging everyday people to quick games on the court.