The 10 Best Harley Quinn Comic Covers

Harley Quinn Best covers featured
Thanks to Suicide Squad Harley Quinn fever is officially on. As a comic collector, you hopefully had the good sense to stock up on Harley Quinn comic covers. She’s never been hotter and with more Suicide Squad and more Batman movies in the works, she’s going to stay hot for awhile.

These are the must have Harley Quinn comic book covers for any real collector.


Supergirl’s Most Daring Costumes

Supergirl has gone through nearly 30 costume changes since her first appearance in Action Comics #252 back in the late-fifties. Mostly she’s stuck with the trademark blue and red, but every now and then she changes up her color palatte, as done recently when she went all red to become the new Red Lantern

Sometimes daring, sometimes risky, sometimes boring, sometimes oh so 80s, Supergirl never disappoints.

Here’s a look back at some of her sexiest, craziest, most interesting superhero fashion choices.


The 7 Best Star Trek Car Accessories

You’ve spent your entire life dreaming of flying the Enterprise only to realize you’ll never do better than a 1994 Honda Civic. No problem. Now we’ve taken the time to find all the most awesome Star Trek auto accessories to geek out your otherwise disappointing ride. So pick up those fast food wrappers in the back seat, put the portable jump starter and emergency tire compressor in the trunk and get ready to make room for Star Trek car bling. Keep reading to see what we’ve beamed up for you.



What Is The Difference Between Supergirl’s And Superman’s Powers

superman and supergirl shown

Superman was created by writers Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel in 1938 and made his first ever appearance in Action Comics #1.  Supergirl arrived much later, created by writer Otto Binder and artist Al Plastino for Action Comics #252 back in 1959.

Originally Supergirl, whose real name is Kara Zor-El, has been written as the biological cousin of Superman. Later when comic writers wanted to establish Superman as the Last Son of Krypton her origins were muddied a bit, with a wide variety of characters using the Supergirl alias.

Superman has always been written as an orphan who escaped the death of the planet Krypton as a baby, only to be raised by humans here on planet Earth. Supergirl’s origins are far less straightforward and have been changed repeatedly over her life in fiction.  In her most basic form though, she was a teenager when Krypton exploded and came to Earth as someone raised not as a human or an American, but as a Kryptonian. 

While Superman has been an off and on fixture at the movies for decades, Supergirl faded from memory after that one awkward movie outing back in 1984.  The character found new life in 2004 with a reintroduction in pivotal DC Comics storylines. More recently, Supergirl has found a home on television where The CW has reliably renewed the Supergirl TV series season after season.  

But when it comes to Superman (aka Clark Kent) and Supergirl (aka Kara Zor-El), what you’re probably wondering is: What’s the difference?  Besides their gender, that is.  

The two Kryptonian characters have been intertwined since Supergirl’s introduction. Yet while their similar names and backgrounds might lead you to believe them identical, they actually have some big differences in their super-powered abilities. 


The Best New Lego Sets For Adults

Adult Legos

More and more adults are buying Lego sets for themselves and having an awesome time building them. Feeling left out? We’ve got you (or your parents) covered.

Lego has made some truly fantastic sets in recent years, complex sets that contain thousands of pieces. These are the real must-haves for any adult Lego fan.


The Most Awesome Giant Inflatable Chair For Adults

One of the biggest problems for the space-brained adult manchild has to be that sometimes you will see something you absolutely love, but unfortunately it’s only made for children. Thankfully, ThinkGeek has taken this into account and is now releasing that super-awesome inflatable Star Trek Captain’s Chair in a handy adult size. Trekkies rejoice!