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Elon Musk: The Books That Most Influenced His Life

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Elon Musk has done more in his life so far than most can do in a hundred lifetimes. He was an early investor (and, as he’s famously and problematically asserted, a co-founder) in Paypal and Tesla Motor Company, of which he is most definitely CEO. He designed a high-speed rail system called the Hyperloop, which I’m still pulling for, and best of all, he’s CEO of SpaceX, the hottest cargo- and soon people-moving spacecraft company around. How did Musk get to be the rich and famous inventor and tycoon we know today? Well, for one thing, the guy read — a lot.

Musk reportedly had a rough childhood in South Africa — he was runty and too smart for his own good, and kids called him “Muskrat.” So he’d do what a lot of people with rough childhoods (and adulthoods) do — he escaped into fantasy and science fiction. He recently shared a list of the books that have most influenced his life.

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Tesla Model X On Track For 2015 And Its Patent Belongs To Us

tesla model xI’m so obsessed with SpaceX that sometimes I forget Elon Musk has another company (or six) to run. Tesla Motor Company is no slouch — despite a couple pesky fires, the Tesla Model S electric car is generally regarded as one of the safest and greenest vehicles around. And the next generation is coming — Tesla recently announced that its Model X will be available next year.

Customers have been putting down deposits of anywhere from $5,000-$40,000 for Model X for a couple of years, and initially it was scheduled to be in production by late last year. The delay arose when Tesla decided to focus on expanding sales of the Model S to Europe and Asia. But the wait seems to have been worth it, as the Model X looks pretty spiffy, and not much more expensive than the Model S. For me, the rear seat “falcon wings” are a big sell — who wouldn’t want to pretend they’re stepping into a time machine when getting into a car? Sure, that makes putting stuff on the roof pretty tough, but that’s what the optional third row of seats is for. The Model X also has two motors and four-wheel drive, and its battery pack will resemble that of the Model S, which ranges from 208-265 miles.

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Tesla Takes A Hit After One Of Their Cars Goes Up In Flames

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, Paypal, and the brains behind the potentially revolutionary Hyperloop transport system, has managed to achieve god-like status among science and tech geeks. Just when he seemed untouchable, an incident involving his Tesla Motor Company’s Model S electric car made headlines this week and caused the company’s stock to plummet.

On Wednesday, a Seattle-area driver got into an accident that caused the Model S to go up in flames. Apparently, a piece of metal fell off a semi, hitting the car, puncturing its armor plate, and damaging the battery pack. The blaze started in the lithium-ion battery compartment and, according to Musk, remained contained and safely away from the passenger compartment. An alarm system in the car prompted the driver to pull over, and he was apparently out of the car before the fire began. The fire department extinguished the flames, which restarted a short time later under the car. Oops. That might be because water wasn’t effective as an extinguisher—when firefighters used chemicals on the flames, they were able to put it out for good.

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