BBC Cancels Acclaimed Zombie Drama In The Flesh, Here’s Why

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InFleshZombies may be damn near omnipresent these days, but they’re far from unkillable. They’re being used to sell everything from candy to cars, and AMC’s The Walking Dead is the biggest show on cable, but your TV is going to be down at least one zombie drama as the BBC has officially cancelled In the Flesh.

In the Flesh won multiple BAFTA awards during its two-season run at the BBC, but due to budget constraints, and the transition of BBC Three to an all online format, the network decided not to move forward with a third season. In a statement they said, “BBC Three is very proud of the two award-winning series of In the Flesh. However, given there is only budget for one original drama series a year on the channel it won’t be returning.”


Robert Kirkman Calls Walking Dead Spinoff Cobalt Startlingly Different

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The Walking DeadAMC’s The Walking Dead is on a break right now, but that’s never stopped the network from hyping their massively popular zombie drama. But right now there’s even more to talk about beyond new casting and possible future storylines, because things are about to get rolling on the long gestating spinoff series, currently known as Cobalt. Set in the same world as the flagship series, the new adventures go down in a different place, follow new characters, and reportedly even show an earlier era of the undead apocalypse. Cobalt co-creator, and Walking Dead executive producer (he also created the comics the series is based on), Robert Kirkman recently sat down and discussed some of the differences between the two shows.

We know that the action in Cobalt takes place in Los Angeles, the opposite side of the country from the Georgia-based The Walking Dead. It follows Sean Cabrera (Cliff Curtis), Nancy Tompkins (Kim Dickens), her kids Nick (Frank Dillane) and Ashley (Alycia Debnam Carey), and others. While chatting with Entertainment Weekly, Kirkman kept specifics to himself, while driving home how distinct the two shows will be. He said:


The Walking Dead Adds This Mad Men Actor In A Mystery Role

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Ross MarquandEveryone on AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead needs to be careful, as damn near anyone can be killed off at damn near any time. You’ll be walking along, thinking what a lovely day it is, and out of nowhere, you’re walker food. Should have checked behind that tree. New people are especially at risk, and many of them are lucky to even get a name—season three at the prison was a free for all when it came to killing off glorified extras. That said, when the fifth season returns for its second half next month, there are going to be some new faces. Maybe they’ll stick around for a while, like Tara, maybe they’ll last half an episode. However it works out, we now know that the cast has added a new member in the person of Ross Marquand.

Marquand is going to be most recognizable to fans of another popular AMC drama, Mad Men, which I’ve never watched, but I’m told features him playing a version of Paul Newman. That must mean he’s pretty good at impressions. He also lends his voice to Phineas and Ferb, so you may recognize him from there. Right now there’s no word on what character he’ll play in the undead adventure, but there are theories floating around.


This Walking Dead Trailer Shows The Characters Armed, Angry, And In Peril

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The Walking Dead is in the middle of the annual break they take around the holidays, but we’re now less than a month away from the return of season 5. The last eight episodes promise to be all kinds of crazy and chaotic for your favorite group of zombie apocalypse survivors. And as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) says in this grim new trailer, just released by AMC, surviving is all that matters.

It’s actually surviving together that is what really matters, and though all the key players are present and accounted for, and alive, they’re none to pleased about their present predicament in this latest promo. Just a heads up, we’ll be discussing The Walking Dead season 5, so if you’re not caught up, seriously consider reading something else (check out the latest Zombies vs. Robots news, that’s a good time) because we’ll be getting spoilery from here on out.


Zombies Vs. Robots Just Hired This Director To Adapt The IDW Comic Series

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zombies vs robotsIt’s been so long since we’ve heard about this one that we forgot it was even happening, but the long gestating adaptation of IDW comics’ Zombies vs. Robots is apparently still in the works. Now, almost four full years after Sony Pictures first picked up the rights, they’ve gone and hired Andrew Adamson to direct the picture, which is still called Inherit the Earth.

Variety reports that The Chronicles of Narnia (both The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian), Shrek, and Shrek 2 director has been tapped to helm the film version of the comic series from creators Ashley Wood and Chris Ryall. Though it’s been so long since we’ve heard a damn squeak from this, it sounds like it is still very much the same creative team that was in place way back when.


The Walking Dead Needs Rick Grimes In This Piece Of Season 5 Key Art

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The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead doesn’t come back from its annual midseason hiatus for more than a month, but when has that ever stopped AMC from hyping their biggest property? The second half of season 5 of the massively popular zombie drama promises to be full of craziness, pushing the group of survivors in new directions over the next eight episodes, and in that spirit, the network released this bleak piece of key art.

We may wind up getting into spoilers for those of you not caught up on The Walking Dead season 5, but then again, if you’re not caught up, why are you reading this?