James Gunn, William Shatner, And More React To The Force Awakens Trailer

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SaberScrew Black Friday — pretty much all anyone’s talking about right now is that Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, I haven’t met anybody yet who didn’t have a strong reaction to it one way or another, and celebrities are no exception. So naturally many folks have taken to the social mediasphere to share their thoughts on the Falcon, that lightsaber, and that ball-droid we all want for Christmas.

This past summer James Gunn gave us one of the best Star Wars movies that isn’t actually a Star Wars movie in the form of Guardians of the Galaxy. He posted his thoughts on Facebook:



William Shatner’s Star Trek 3 Cameo Has Been Revealed

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Captain KirkThere’s been a great deal of talk about Star Trek 3 lately, from plot details and a potential start date for production, to an appearance from The Original Series star William Shatner. That last part led to some controversy and a bit of a back and forth shouting match, but those troubles appear to be smoothed over, and now that Shatner is on board—to some degree, we’re honestly not entirely sure—we have an idea of what his potential cameo could look like.

A report came out a while back from someone who has read the screenplay and it said there was a scene that features both Spock Prime (Leonard Nimoy) and Kirk Prime (who would, obviously, be played by Shatner). That’s all the report said, that there is a scene written where both of the legendary characters show up (I imagine there’s one in every new Trek script, just in case, and there was also reportedly one in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 reboot as well, though it never came to pass).


William Shatner Says Chris Pine Playing Kirk Makes Him Consider His Own Mortality

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william-shatner-wizard-worldWilliam Shatner has never been shy about sharing his opinions, a fact that was reinforced last week when there was some back and forth between he and the folks behind Star Trek 3. He is, of course, most known for playing Captain James T. Kirk on the original series and in a great many of the subsequent movies, and though he hasn’t appeared in any of the rebooted films, he has some feelings on the matter, which occasionally flip flop. But he recently said that Chris Pine playing the role makes him consider his own death.

Though he told Digital Spy, “I’ve seen the two films JJ Abrams directed and I enjoyed them very much,” watching Pine is a strange, surreal experience. Specifically what he said was, watching another performer play the role he originated, the role so closely associated with him as an actor and, to many of us, as a person, makes you consider your own end. He said:


Star Trek 3: William Shatner Has Been Contacted And Would Love To Do The Film

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ShatnerThere was recently a small flurry of news regarding Star Trek 3, it involved potential start dates, a script, and possible details about the story, among other things. Part of the reports making the rounds included the nugget that the script, as is, contains a scene that reunites Leonard Nimoy’s Spock with William Shatner’s Captain Kirk. As you can imagine, such an idea sparked a ton of interest and this story spread far and wide across the Internet. There was even some back and forth between Shatner and (probable) director Roberto Orci on the matter—Shatner accused Star Trek 3 of using his name to create hype and said that he hadn’t been contacted about anything. Overall, it felt like the situation was blown way out of proportion (no one ever said he had been contacted or was in, just that the script contains this scene), but that last part of his complaint is now moot, as the star confirmed that he has now been in touch with production.

Shatner appeared at the Wizard World Nashville convention over the weekend, and according to ComicBook.com he said that discussions about a possible role have in fact now happened. And it was none other than producer and director of the first two films in the rebooted franchise, J.J. Abrams, taking a moment away from helming Star Wars: Episode VII, to make the call.


William Shatner Thinks Star Trek 3 Is Using His Name To Create Hype

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William ShatnerThere’s been a great deal of chatter about Star Trek 3 lately. We’ve heard everything from potential start dates for production to overviews of what the plot entails, but few things have sparked as much interest as the idea that (probable) director Roberto Orci reportedly wants original Star Trek star William Shatner to cameo in the movie. This is all based on speculation, hearsay, and possible offhand comments, and now both men have weighed in on the subject.

Thankfully we live in a magical time where any loudmouth can sound off on social media and the Internet and people will listen. And one thing we know about Shatner is that the man is never shy about letting you know how he feels. Lets go see what he has to say.


William Shatner Is Live-Tweeting The CW’s Shows Now Because Of Course He Is

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ShatnerOne thing that has struck me recently as I’ve been rewatching Star Trek’s Original Series is that William Shatner kind of gets a bad rap. Sure, his style of acting can occasionally be a little over the top, but those really seem to be more the exception than the rule. I mean, I can understand why so many people’s image of Shatner involves him…only…speaking…likethis. But he’s gotten a lot of mileage out of milking and mocking that persona, overtly and otherwise. The latest installment in the strange cavalcade of eccentricity that is William Shatner? He’s now live-tweeting shows on The CW. No really, see:

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