Sci-fi Spins On Famous Works Of Art

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One of my favorite things about nerds and nerd culture is its never-ending ability to remix and rework mainstream art, music, and literature. Sure, the glut of classic novels reworked as zombie stories may grow tiresome after a while, but there is always a fun new mash-up just beyond the horizon. We can also always look to the long-standing trend of artists and book cover designers putting science fiction spins on classic works of art.

Tor has put together a great collection of examples of everyone from da Vinci to Dali getting new twists. Each adaptation sits next to the original so you can get a real of the alterations made.

There are some fairly recognizable American classics taken in new directions, like Luke Radi’s take on Norman Rockwell’s “The Runaway”.


Internet Fandoms Of Various Geek Franchises Broken Down In An Infographic

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How many more Facebook likes does Twilight have than Star Wars? This information is no readily available in an infographic that breaks down the Internet fandoms of the top geek franchises. I’m surprised by how much deviantart there is of Pokeman, it makes me worried about what I’d find if I went searching.

You can check out the full sized version of the infographic at Cheezburger.com. It’s great to see that Doctor Who is holding its own against other iconic franchises like Star Trek, and even Star Wars. Still it’s troubling that Twilight can garner so many Facebook likes, even if most are 12 year old girls breaking the terms of service. I’ve always said that if you’re not 13 you don’t get an Internet vote, that includes Facebook likes.


George Takei Brokers A Star Peace, Call To Arms Against Twilight

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George Takei has now formulated a plan for peace between Star Trek and Star Wars fans. The movement calls for all fans to target the real enemy to sci-fi and fantasy culture, Twilight. This video is in response to the back and forth William Shatner and Carrie Fisher have had over the last year, and also as part of Roger Ebert’s plea to Takei to be the broker of Star peace.

The video is hilarious and takes the appropriate amount of jabs at Twilight, but it does raise the point that the sparkly vampire series is vapid. It’s fine for the fans to enjoy such a thing, no one says everything you’re a fan of has to be brilliant. I enjoy a good run of the mill crime novel (hello Prey series) as much as my current obsession with A Song of Ice and Fire. So there’s no direct ill will intended.