Walter Cronkite Enters The Game Grid In 1982 Tron Behind-The-Scenes Video

If there was any question just how cutting-edge the effects for Disney’s TRON were in 1982, those questions should be put to rest with the short video above wherein the making of the Disney film is explored by Walter freaking Cronkite. He adds a certain gravitas to the subject of a dude getting zapped into a computer that it might not otherwise have. Can’t you just feel the 1980s leaking off that video? Brace yourselves: it was even “recorded and archived in Betamax® format.” Somebody tell Max Headroom to toss me a New Coke, would ya?


End Of Line: Police Seize Lamborghini That Looks Like It Escaped From TRON’s Game Grid

TronborghiniLet this be a lesson to all who would drive without proper documentation.

A $550,000 modified Lamborghini Aventador that looks like it belongs in the movie TRON was impounded by London police when the owner was unable to provide a license or proof of insurance. Police pulled the driver over in Knightsbridge just outside of Harrod’s because it was missing its front license plate. At least it wasn’t parked next to this skyscraper.



TRON 3 Director Makes Empire Strikes Back Comparisons When Discussing The Sequel

tron: legacySomehow, Joseph Kosinski has become one of the hottest directors of modern science fiction movies in Hollywood. His directorial debut TRON: Legacy was a visual marvel, but was considered mundane and dull, while his sophomore effort Oblivion proved to be another example of style over substance. Kosinski has three potential projects lined up with TRON 3, the Black Hole remake, and The Twilight Zone, not to mention a sci-fi TV series in development with AMC’s Ballistic City. Needless to say, the 39-year-old sci-fi director is a really, really busy man.

In an interview with SciFiNOW, Kosinski talks about the TRON: Legacy sequel, and sets some high goals for it. Although Legacy was the second movie in the film series, Kosinski wants the next sequel to be the “Empire Strikes Back” of the TRON franchise. He describes TRON 3 as something of a stand-alone film with a quick and engaging pace. Kosinski says:

What was really exciting to me about a sequel to that, like in Empire, is that you can pick up the story mid-stride and just be off to the races from the opening frame because there already is an understanding between you and the audience about what story you’re telling and who the characters are. And to me that’s what’s exciting about that, is being able to expand on that world in that way.


Beautiful Fan Made Posters For Most Of Your Favorite Movies

Blade RunnerFan art, taken as a whole, is a hit or miss proposition most days. There are some pieces that you look at and know immediately why this person is not making art for movies in a professional capacity. But then there are the ones you look at and ask yourself, “why the hell doesn’t the movie studio just use this instead of paying some hack to make a poster where the main character stands with his back to you?” There are a lot of terrible movie posters out there for great, great movies, and for every one of those, someone invariably seems to have made of something incredibly beautiful, as if to say, “see, you poster didn’t have to suck.” Such is the case with this new gallery of fan made posters for a grip of wonderful science fiction films, classic, recent, and otherwise.

Erupting from the mind of Adam Rabalais, these posters are absolutely freaking gorgeous. (Follow the link to check out even more fantastic attempts for non-sci-fi movies, if you’re into that sort of thing.) His choice of pictures are subtle and understated, but totally capture the feel of the films in a way that you rarely, if ever, get from the cluttered, tech heavy offerings you see from most movie studios. He actually makes you feel like this is an art form rather than manufacturing throwaway chunks of movie marketing. These make me want to see movies, most posters don’t.


Art Directors Guild To Hold Sci-Fi TV And Film Exhibit

At the heart of science fiction is being able to transport the audience to a different place or era that still feels familiar. But a sci-fi movie or TV show doesn’t get to rely solely on storytelling to get the job done, and in steps art direction, where truly memorable visuals can be imprinted into our brains. There’s a reason why the Academy Award for Visual Effects often goes to science fiction.

The Art Directors Guild will be celebrating some of the most iconic images in sci-fi with an exhibit at the newly opened Peninsula Museum of Art in Burlingame, California, which will run from June 9 to August 25. Around 150 paintings and drawings will be displayed, all from the Guild’s Production Designers, Art Directors, Set Designers, Illustrators, Matte Artists, Digital Artists, and Scenic, Tile, and Graphic Artists. The Guild sets up a panel each year at the San Diego Comic-Con, and has hosted similar exhibitions at other sci-fi conferences.


’80s Nostalgia Music Video Features Many Sci-Fi Classics

Nostalgia for the 1980s is a very powerful thing! A new music video from recording artist Jon Marco references darn near everything from the ’80s, with tons of sci-fi classics getting a nod.

Starting off with a Back to the Future-like logo, we see the music video transition from the original film to the sequel’s hoverboards and power-laced Nikes. There are references to E.T., Return of the Jedi, the original Ghostbusters, and Tron.

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