New Pic From Walking Dead Season Three

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Production on the third season of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead started last month. There was a kick-off featurette, and now the network has released the first photograph from the upcoming season.

The picture shows Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the leader of the small band of survivors, looking grizzled, pointing a gun at some off-screen threat. Rick is an anachronism. Even after the collapse of civilization he wears his sheriff’s uniform, lives by a strict moral code, and carries a six-shooter. Except in this pic. In this photo he’s swapped out his trademark revolver for something a little more high tech, complete with a silencer. I’m sure the change isn’t permanent, but the silencer is probably a smart move. After all, guns are loud, and noise has a tendency to draw unwanted attention from swarms of undead cannibals. Remember, it’s best to keep quiet when trying to avoid zombie attacks.


First Look At The Walking Dead’s Newest Badass, Michonne

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After The Walking Dead’s somewhat meandering second season, fans who hung on until the end had high hopes that there would be something to hook them into the next season; something to get them as excited for the show as they were during season one. For most of us, we got it. Our first glance at who the Walking Dead pros immediately recognized as Michonne, and our setting for season 3, a big ass prison.

It was easy enough before now to find out what Michonne will look like, a simple Google search of Treme’s Danai Gurira would have solved that mystery. But now EW has the first look at our katana wielding, zombie towing heroine Michonne in all her swordy glory. Scope it out below.

AMC’s zombie series will be back in its usual Fall Sunday slot, and according to the comic’s writer and show’s executive producer Robert Kirkman it will be bigger and better than ever thanks to the tremendous size of the awesome prison set.


Behind The Scenes Video From Walking Dead Season 3

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Despite numerous reservations about the series as a whole, the finale of season two of AMC’s The Walking Dead was very close to what I’ve always wanted out of the show. There was a part where I stood up and cheered. Scared the hell out of my dogs, too. I’m optimistic about the direction the hit zombie show is going, and the next story arc from Robert Kirkman’s comic that they’re getting into is one of my favorites.

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention since the close of season two, AMC has released a new behind the scenes video of the cast and crew filming the first episode of season three.


Fans Want Wesker On The Walking Dead

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Yet another online petition has begun making the rounds on ye olde internet. What’s the goal this time, you might ask? To get voice over artist and actor D.C. Douglas the voice of villain Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil videogame franchise, on an episode of AMC’s hit zombie series The Walking Dead. Though Douglas is most recognized for his voice work in games like Mass Effect 2 & 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, but has also appeared in Castle, NCIS: Los Angeles, and 2 Broke Girls, among dozens of acting credits.

The push to get Douglas on AMC’s undead drama began when a fan realized Douglas wouldn’t be in the sixth installment of Resident Evil games. Nathan Narain decided that, “if he had to miss out on Douglas’ voice in a zombie video game, then he would at least try to see him on a TV show about zombies.”

Douglas says:

It started as a simple question on Twitter…Nathan asked if I had ever been on ‘The Walking Dead’ and I told him I haven’t. When he enthusiastically said I should be on the show, I joked back that I’d sign a petition like that. Next thing I knew, there was an actual petition!

Successful or not, this sort of grassroots movement can be a lot of fun, like the push to get Donald Glover (Community) to play Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man. Maybe executive producer Glen Mazarra and the Bialy/Thomas casting agency can be swayed by the voice of the fans all yelling in unison, so to speak. Sign the petition here


The Walking Dead Nearly Killed Off Even More Of The Cast

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If you saw the season finale of The Walking Dead this past weekend, or even any of the episodes right before it, you know the show ended in a total bloodbath. The walkers have been very well fed but, showrunner Robert Kirkman says they almost ended even more of the cast.

Read no further if you haven’t seen the season finale yet. You’ve been warned…


Walking Dead Season Finale Gobbles Up Huge Ratings

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Despite its many faults, the season finale of AMC’s zombie drama managed to crush in ratings, taking the top spot for Sunday night with a staggering (see what I did there) 9 million viewers, making it the series’ highest rated episode to date. According to our sister site, Cinema Blend, that’s a 51% increase in viewership when compared to the season one finale. Huge.

It would seem that I’m the only one who wasn’t really feeling The Walking Dead this season. The popularity of the show continues to rise. Likely many hung on until the end hopeful that we’d get one big finale that would hook us into the next season.