Watch Sarah Connor Fight Jason Voorhees To The Death

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Remember that super-amazing fan film Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness that was talked about last year? Well, the guys from WTFLOL are back with another ass-kicking battle between pop culture icons for a series they call Slash/Up. In the first installment, which you can watch above, Terminator heroine Sarah Connor puts her bullets where her mouth is as she heads to Camp Crystal Lake, where she faces the quasi-immortal horror monster Jason Voorhees, of Friday the 13th fame. Sci-fi vs. horror; now that’s a fight we can always get behind.


Seven Great Sci-Fi Movies That Are About To Vanish From Netflix

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All you Netflix users out in GFR land should definitely be reading Nick’s regular Cross the Streams column, which is a one-stop source of all the noteworthy new science fiction additions to Netflix’s Instant Watch catalog. One thing that’s harder to keep track of, however, is when movies are set to expire and vanish from Netflix’s streaming selections. Thankfully some clever folks from Nerdiots have put together an exhaustive list of titles that are set to vanish come tomorrow, July 1. There are quite a few science fiction titles on the list, so scroll on down to find out if you’re about to have to strap yourself down in front of the the TV for the next 12 hours or so.

CloseEncountersClose Encounters of the Third Kind
Director Steven Spielberg’s extraterrestrial magnum opus follows blue-collar Indiana electrical lineman Roy Neary (Richard Dreyfuss), whose life is changed forever after a late-night close encounter with a UFO. Now he finds himself overpowered by compulsions he doesn’t understand and cannot resist, drawn to a mysterious mountain for a purpose he can only guess at. It’s an obsession that may well cost him his family, but is he destined for some greater purpose? Close Encounters is vintage Spielberg at his very best, crafting a tale full of wonder and mystery and anchored by believable, everyday people suddenly caught up in fantastic events. If you’ve got a big-screen TV, load this puppy up before it’s gone.

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Pop Culture: Sci-Fi TV & Film’s Best And Worst Dads

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JorElKentToday we’ve all hopefully been spending time with our fathers, or at least with our fond memories of them. Given how much of an impact our fathers have on our lives — even if only by their absence — there’s no surprise that daddy issues extend all the way to the final frontier. So, in honor of Father’s Day, we decided to take a closer look at some of science fiction’s most memorable dads, and the ways their teachings and legacies shaped their children.

As the bar against all others will be measured, we decided on a duo that represent both sides of the old “nature vs. nurture” debate: the Kryptonian Jor-El and the Kansan Jonathan Kent. Jor-El gave Kal-El the genetic potential to do great things, and his final acts were to ensure his son’s survival even as his planet died. On the other hand, Jonathan Kent (along with Martha, of course) helped shape Clark into a true hero worthy of the name Superman. So, with Jor-El and Jonathan serving as two sides of our paternal ideal, here are our picks…

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Alien, Terminator & Mad Max Blu-Ray Box Sets Are Stupid Cheap Today

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AlienPrometheusYou there! Are you wearing pants? Do those pants have pockets? If so, is it possible one or more of those pockets might contain twenty bucks? Well, thank your lucky stars that you decided to cover your shame today, buddy, because that twenty bucks could get you Blu-ray collections of the Alien, Terminator, or Mad Max films — that’s one hell of a deal.

First up is the outstanding Alien Anthology Blu-ray set, a must-have for any Alien fan, which bundles multiple versions of all four films together with a ridiculous amount of bonus features. The fact that this thing is going for $20 is insane, and if you hadn’t ever bought it, congratulations, you’ve just mastered the art of the steal. To make things even crazier, your $20 will also get you a copy of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus — as with the third and fourth Alien films, it’s not nearly as good a film as the original Alien and Aliens, but some people love it and, if nothing else, it’s a visually gorgeous film that looks amazing in high-def. Just consider it a cherry on top of the delicious ice cream sundae that is getting the Alien Anthology for nearly 80% off list price. The Anthology bonus features listing is nearly 1,000 words long and we’ve got over stuff to cover here, so just click over to Amazon and purchase/peruse at your leisure.


Ladies First: The Best Female Characters Of Sci-Fi Film And Television

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RipleyLoaderOne of the reasons we love science fiction is because there’s no shortage of strong, dynamic, fascinating female characters kicking around the galaxy, a trait that isn’t always a given in other genres. Iconic characters like Ripley and Sarah Connor have become the bar by which most other female heroines are measured against, but thankfully sci-fi doesn’t limit its badass females strictly to the most obvious form of badassery. Our favorite sci-fi heroines might have what it takes to field-strip a pulse rifle, or they might have the fortitude to lead a desperate fleet of mankind’s remnants across the stars to a new home. They might be able to take down multiple murderous cyborgs, or they might have the courage to serve as inspiration for revolution against an oppressive government.

When it came time for us to pick out favorite female characters from science fiction film and television, the task was more than daunting. After several rounds of voting, arguing, throwing things, and threats of blackmail, we finally whittled our list down to 19, our picks for the very best, most interesting, most compelling, most badass female characters the genre has had to offer across film and TV. We’re listing them in alphabetical order by last name, but it’s strangely appropriate who wound up as number one regardless…

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Terminator: Genesis May Add Spider-Man’s J.K. Simmons

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simmonsWill Terminator: Genesis be able to bring the Terminator film franchise back to the glory days of Terminator 2: Judgment Day? The franchise has seen some highs and lows over the years, but its new producer, Skydance Productions’ David Ellison, is trying to combine the old with the new in a trilogy that will incorporate elements of the original movies. Now Genesis has added yet another top-notch actor to its roster, one who is perhaps best known for his hatred of Spider-Man.

According to THR, Terminator: Genesis is looking to cast J.K. Simmons as an “alcoholic detective, who has spent three decades following the strange case of Sarah Connor.” Three decades would point to the events of the original Terminator film in 1984, so it seems that at least part of the film’s story will take place in modern times. However, it still doesn’t explain why the new movie’s Sarah Connor is so young and why the actor playing her son is much older than her.

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