The Rock Hints His Possible Lobo/Green Lantern Role Is Locked Down

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When it comes to comic book movies, Hollywood filmmakers get extremely strict about keeping a tight lid on each project’s secrecy, as if that particular tactic ever ends up making the final product more exciting. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been known to use his social media presence to circumvent studios, releasing behind-the-scenes imagery from the upcoming Hercules flick for example, and he’s long been teasing a tentative role within the DC Universe. Johnson’s recent CinemaCon interview and the above tweet seem to confirm that role is a sure thing now, though we’re still not sure of who he’ll be playing. It should come as no surprise that everyone here at GFR is getting drunk and fighting, hoping that he’s talking about playing Lobo, the interstellar bounty hunter. Lobo! Lobo! Lobo!


The Rock Rumored To Have A Green Power Ring In His Future

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RockStewartMarvel has pulled off something many would have dismissed as impossible not that long ago — they’ve created a cohesive cinematic universe that weaves throughout individual films and brings the heroes together for the big-screen Avengers team-ups. With Marvel’s grand experiment raking in billions at the box office, it’s no surprise that their Distinguished Competition — DC Comics — is trying to play catch-up, beginning with last summer’s Man of Steel, and continuing in the upcoming sequel to that film. Now a rumor is circulating that actor/wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be joining the DC cinematic universe, and that hopefully he’ll look good in green.

The rumor mill began churning when Johnson tweeted the following last week.


Dwayne Johnson To Star In Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide Movie

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It’s hard to deny Dwayne Johnson’s natural charm, a trait that he’s translated into a successful film career. The Rock is now going to have to turn his charms on monsters as he’s been tapped to star in the adaptation of the Monster Hunter’s Survival Guide. He may be headlining Survivor Series and Wrestlemania for the WWE once again, but Johnson also has his sights set on becoming a badass brand name in films. Johnson and Vin Diesel are essentially the trimmed and toned up versions of Schwarzenegger and Stallone.

According to Deadline Dwayne Johnson is now attached to star in the Simon Kinberg produced film. Based on the comic series by John Paul Russ, we’re not sure what the movie version of the Survival Guide will be. As the title suggests the comics are chock full of tips on how to make it through an encounter with vampires, Big Foot, werewolves, zombies, and other sordid creatures.