Hunger Games Super Bowl Trailer Ends With The X-Files Themesong

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The Super Bowl trailer for The Hunger Games has hit the internet early. Why wait to debut it during the multi-million dollar advertising time you paid for when you can unceremoniously release it on the internet on some random Thursday morning? Makes sense, I guess?

So here’s the new Hunger Games trailer. Watch and we’ll talk more after the jump.


2012 Sci-Fi Movie Preview: Everything You Should Be Excited About

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In theory 2012 will be an amazing year for science fiction at the movies. Following the meager offerings of 2011, that’s pretty good news. Whether any of these upcoming films will deliver remains to be seen, but standing here and now looking over the precipice of a new year, 2012 looks like it could be one of the best years for science fiction ever.

Here’s a look at the upcoming sci-fi movies we think you should be most excited about in 2012.


New Hunger Games Images: Haymitch, Peeta, And Cinna Talk It Out

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What’s most interesting about the big screen adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series is that they’re taking it seriously. The books themselves are overbearing in their tone and style with the young adult tropes, but there’s a sinister quality to Collins’ world that makes the story intriguing. It’s easy to dismiss the books as mediocre pop culture fodder, and I think that could have been an obvious route for the films. Let’s just hope that the marketing team hasn’t fooled us all and The Hunger Games ends up being another mindless Twilight style lazy piece of filmmaking

With each image and trailer it becomes ever more apparent that whatever happens come release day in March, someone really wanted The Hunger Games film to be more than a pale adaptation. We have new images from the film. The movie releases in March and I doubt we’re going to see too much more, at least of major note.


New Hunger Games Poster Comes Together

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For those of you with too much time on your hands, the upcoming Hunger Games movie has been running a viral game in which fans put together puzzle pieces to form our first look at the movie’s new poster. Odds are like us, you just sat back and waited for the whole thing to show up. We have things to do and stuff. Now the puzzle’s solved and here it is, the brand new poster for The Hunger Games


The Hunger Games Trailer Starts The Countdown

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Here’s the first trailer for The Hunger Games, adapted from the popular teens in a dystopian future novel. You won’t actually see much of the games themselves, but this does a good job of setting up the premise and stops right before the action starts. Watch:


Hunger Games Is Lionsgate’s Most Expensive Film

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According to a lengthy profile on Bloomberg.com, Lionsgate is betting big on its adaptation of the first The Hunger Games novel.  The traditionally indie film-focused studio has tried to break into the blockbuster game in recent years with big budget flicks like the Conan the Barbarian reboot and the Taylor Lautner vehicle Abduction, but it hasn’t gone very well.  Conan was, by all accounts, an epic flop and Abduction gained some success almost solely thanks to international receipts ($27 million domestic vs. $50 million international).  Despite the fact that TV programs like Mad Men and Weeds bring in steady returns, shareholders are losing patience with Lionsgate.  All of this adds up to extra pressure on The Hunger Games to do well right out of the gate.

The dystopic, youth adventure story is shaping up to be Lionsgate‘s most expensive film to date.  The studio put about $30 million into The Hunger Games during production and, according to Bloomberg, are expected to put another $40 million into marketing and advertising.  With the costs of the film already rising to nearly the worldwide gross of Abduction (before you even take in the cost of purchasing the film rights, etc), The Hunger Games is going to need to pull in some serious dough in order to succeed and justify adaptations of the rest of the series.  Bloomberg says the series (if it continues after the first film) is expected to bring in anywhere from $220 to $730 million before taxes, interest, and so on.