Hunger Games Sequel Needs A New Director, Someone Should Call Alfonso Cuaron

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The Hunger Games is a huge box office success, so you’d think that Lionsgate might want him back to direct the sequel. Maybe they do, but he doesn’t want to be involved. Gary Ross announced today that he’s out of the Hunger Games business and moving on to something else.

Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I really liked The Hunger Games as a movie but it wasn’t really because of anything Ross did as a director. At best his direction was capable. He didn’t mess it up, but it’s not like he really lifted the story beyond its source material either. Gary Ross is no Peter Jackson. Actually what they really need is Alfonso Cuaron.


Special Interest Groups Pushing To Get Hunger Games Banned

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Whenever something gets popular, people who had nothing to do with it attempt to cash in on its popularity to suit their own ends. The Hunger Games is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest movies of all time, so of course special interest groups have decided to use author Suzanne Collins’ franchise as a way to make a high-profile stand. One of the ways they’re doing that is by trying to get the book banned.

It’s amazing to think that there are still people out there who think book banning of any kind is an acceptable practice. It sounds like a leftover relic from some long, bygone era. Shouldn’t we be more evolved than this? Hasn’t everyone read Fahrenheit 451? Apparently not.

Complaints leading to the banning are of a wide variety, and what’s being targeted as the problem with Suzanne Collins’ books will probably vary depending on which special interest group you’re talking to.


Hunger Games Still #1, Science Fiction Rules 3 Weeks At The Box Office

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If you’ve ever heard a Hollywood director talking about the new science fiction movie he’s planning, he’ll usually go out of his way to tell everyone that “oh it’s not science fiction”. The movie, of course, is sci-fi but the perception is that science fiction is just for nerds so everyone has to pretend it’s something else so that all the cool kids can show up and pretend they aren’t watching something dorky.

I have news for you America. You’re all a bunch of nerds. Prepare to be pantsed because The Hunger Games has just spent three weeks at number one on the box office charts. It’s not even close. It’s out-earning all those terrible Twilight movies, kicking the ass of Harry Potter and breathing down the neck of Avatar which, by the way, also a sci-fi movie.

The Hunger Games has now earned, in total, $302 million just in the United States alone. Like it or not cool kids, this is science fiction. And you fucking love it. It’s not that superhero science fiction or that kind of half-fantasy science fiction where technically the robots are aliens but it makes about as much sense as a unicorn (not science fiction by the way). Nope, it’s real science fiction.


The Hipster Games: May The Trends Be Ever In Your Favor

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The Hunger Games movie was a lot of fun, but let’s face it, if you’re really going to make something that’s basically Battle Royale but with white people, then things probably should have looked a little different. For instance if you’re going to have a bunch of kids try to kill each other, shouldn’t those kids be hipsters?

That’s the premise of this alternate version of The Hunger Games phenomenon. Watch one woman and one womanish man from each district compete in The Hipster Games


Hunger Games Becomes 3rd Biggest Movie All Time, Real Science Fiction Rules At The Box Office

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We’ve been predicting big things for the film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games all along, but I don’t think anyone expected anything this big. The Hunger Games debuted in theaters this weekend and smashed the box office competition to become not just the biggest hit of 2012 so far, but the third biggest movie of all time.

With its $155 million opening weekend here in the United States, Hunger Games sits behind only Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 ($169 million) and The Dark Knight ($158 million) on the list of top opening weekends. That also makes it the biggest non-sequel opening for any movie, ever, in the history of cinema.


The Hunger Games Review: Katniss Is The Girl Hero We’ve Been Waiting For

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The Hunger Games is an exceptionally faithful adaptation of the popular novel by Suzanne Collins. Normally such a slavish approach to a book as source material would be the kiss of death, but in this case Collins’ book is so straightforward and simple that it easily lends itself to the no frills approach taken by director Gary Ross.

Like the book the movie doesn’t waste a lot of time developing the complexities of an alternate world. It exists in a place where a country, divided into twelve districts, keeps the peace by forcing each of its member states to participate in an annual tournament to the death. Each district must send two young people to participate as tribute, and this year one of the tributes is Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence).

It may surprise the uninitiated to learn that, for a movie which revolves almost entirely around an arena where kids must murder each other, the fight scenes aren’t really the highlight of The Hunger Games. Sticking with the approach used by the book the battles are brutal and quick, the deaths swift and in some cases not even shown. Ross takes that even further by coating his movie in the fog of excessive shaky cam. Maybe this helped them get that PG-13 rating Hollywood so covets. It doesn’t matter.