Cross The Streams With Pacific Rim, Classic Godzilla, Dinosaurs, And More

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It’s been a few weeks since Cross the Streams reared its handsome, chiseled face to the world, but we promise it’s only gotten more attractive. That is, if you find seven noses and LED light sockets for eyes attractive. Luckily, we’ve got content of all kinds here, including monsters, cartoons, and slightly insightful documentative stuff. One could ask for more, but questions like that are total crap.

We’re trying to shape up the feature this week by top-loading it with the newer films and shows, while ending on the more classic (or completely forgettable) material of yesteryear, as well as rounding up releases we’ve talked about before that might have shown up on a different streaming site. Nuff ‘splaining. More streaming.

The More Recent

kaijuPacific Rim (HBOGo)
One of the biggest movies of last summer is now one of the biggest movies on HBOGo. Also one of the most woodenly acted, but we don’t mind when the humans fail so long as the giant freakin’ robots do some major damage. And that they do in Guillermo del Toro’s CGI-laden blockbuster. (Not that its profits were as big as its monsters, but still.) It cancelled the apocalypse with Charlie Hunnam and Idris Elba going into mind-melding mode to power their hilariously named Jaegars into city and water to take on the Kaiju that have risen from beneath the ocean. Yadda, yadda, yadda, oil tanker swung like a baseball bat. Pacific Rim is an ass-stomping good time, though it could have used more Charlie Day and Ron Perlman to break up all the robotic dialogue.


Welcome to Earth: Mankind’s Most Unusual Defenses Against Alien Invaders

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It’s Independence Day here in the States, where we honor our history by cooking dead animals, inflating enormous cartoon characters, and blowing stuff up. And then, of course, I’m sure some of you are sitting on the couch and revisiting Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day, thrilling to Bill Pullman delivering stirring speeches, Will Smith punching aliens in the face, and those hippies on the rooftop getting vaporized in the midst of welcoming our new alien visitors.

Yes, science fiction loves a good alien invasion story. It’s a comforting thought that, if faced against far more advanced aliens determined to exterminate or enslave our entire race, we scrappy human might still be able to overcome and win the day. But let’s face it: we’d pretty much be screwed. It’s a story we’ve seen played out countless times here on our homeworld alone, and none of those oppressing forces were armed with mass drivers and plasma cannons. So when it comes to figuring out a way to defeat the alien invaders, science fiction has to think outside the box. Way outside the box. Not even in the same zip code as the box.

So here they are, some of the most unusual, audacious, ridiculous ways that mankind has sent our would-be alien overlords packing over the years.