Cancelled Terra Nova Could Be Resurrected By Netflix

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Netflix has recently started getting into the original programming game. For instance, they’re planning to create new episodes of Arrested Development which would air through their streaming service. Now that Terra Nova has been axed by Fox, Netflix may be considering adding the ended Dino show to its roster.

Word from Deadline is that preliminary conversations are already underway, though they’re a long way off from entering any kind of negotiation.

It might make sense from a ratings perspective for Netflix to pick up the show. Even though it’s been cancelled Terra Nova actually did pretty well in the ratings race. But you’d think the cost per episode to produce it would be a little prohibitive for Netflix. Each ep cost around $4 million to produce.


Terra Nova’s Fate Still Undecided By Fox

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I think I was one of a small group of people who actually enjoyed sitting down to watch Terra Nova each week. Not because it’s a great show or is particularly intriguing, but because it is easy. When you watch heavier fare like Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead, and Homeland, something a little schlocky that you can enjoy without paying too much attention to is a nice palette cleanser at the beginning of the week.

However, the Steven Spielberg dino-drama may not be back for a second season this coming fall, according to Deadline. Fox has some decisions to make and they’re in kind of a tough position. They have a bunch of new dramas getting ready to heat up and if they all hit Fox won’t have enough room for Terra Nova in their schedule. Not that it would be heartbreaking if it didn’t make it back next year, but even though the first season was a little bit rocky, Terra Nova has a lot of room to spread its wings and really go new places. It’d be nice to see what they do with it.

Also on the chopping block is long-running lupus diagnoser House, currently in its eighth season. It sounds as if it may be a “one or the other” situation between House and Terra Nova especially if Fox’s new shows find some ratings.


Terra Nova May Have Been Saved By Last Minute Finale Viewers

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Originally billed as a television series about humans from the future living in the past with dinosaurs, Terra Nova hasn’t exactly delivered. Instead, it’s turned into more of a show about a bunch of humans hanging out in an unusually scenic suburbia fighting with each other.

So it should come as no surprise that the series has been on the edge of cancellation all season long. Terra Nova’s ratings have been dropping since its debut, while critics have savaged it and genre fans have expressed continued disappointment. But the season finale, which aired this Monday, may have done well enough to get the show back on Fox for another go at conquering Earth’s past next season.

Word is that the Terra Nova finale managed 7.2 million viewers. That’s up from the previous week, though still down from the show’s 9.2 million premiere. For the finale, the show ranked 30th place overall, nearly as well as Glee and The New Girl; both of which are still considered hits and sure bets to be back for another year.

That’s not to say Terra Nova is exactly tearing it up, but it’s doing better than most of this season’s newly added shows, many of which were total flops. What I’m getting at here is that Terra Nova’s numbers may be just mediocre enough to keep it around, in an environment where everything else sucks.


Terra Nova Ratings Continue To Plummet, Start The Cancellation Watch

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When sci-fi lovers complain about the dearth of decent science fiction themed programming on television, we’re not talking about Terra Nova. I’m not even sure this show qualifies as science fiction anymore. Really it’s just a people running around doing the same stuff they might do on any average episode of House or CSI, with two or three minutes of dinosaur footage thrown in every week, in order to justify the title.

So while I’d like to be upset if Terra Nova gets cancelled, I won’t be, because this show isn’t so much science fiction as an excuse not to put actual science fiction on television. I guess that makes it a good thing that it’s becoming less a question of if Terra Nova will be cancelled, and more a question of when.

The show’s ratings have been falling since it’s debut and this week it hit a new low. On a good night only 6 or 7 million people are tuning in, and even though the show doesn’t really seem to do many special effects, somehow it costs a lot of money to produce. Maybe they have a lot of cash tied up in ferns.


Terra Nova Fights Its Dinosaurs With Nerf Guns

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Steven Spielberg’s new science fiction series has a huge budget. They’re spending millions of dollars to make Terra Nova look as good as possible, and while the dinosaur special effects still aren’t really up to snuff, there’s no denying that the sets look pretty lush. But even a big budget show like this one has to cut corners somewhere, and Terra Nova’s saving money on guns.

The image you’re about to see was put together by Terra Nova watchers earlier today on the social site Reddit. The photo on the left is of one of the generic soldiers in an episode of Terra Nova. The photo on the right is a toy, Nerf gun. See if you notice any similarities…


Hey Terra Nova: Why Bother With Time Travel If You’re Only Reenacting Episodes Of House?

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Terra NovaLast night’s episode of Terra Nova, “What Remains”, was a find the cure episode. If you’ve spent any amount of time watching any kind of television, you know what I’m talking about. The cast is infected with a mysterious illness and the resident doctor has a limited amount of time to cure it or they’ll all end up dead/old/crazy name your ailment. You average television show doesn’t usually resort to one of these until later in the season, when they’re running out of ideas or running out of budget to do something more interesting. Terra Nova did on in its third episode.

But I’m not here to debate the wisdom of resorting to such a worn out premise so early in the show’s run, that’s not really the worst thing about this particular plot. The worst thing about this latest Terra Nova is that it could have literally happened on any television show.

See the disease around which everything revolved didn’t even have anything to do with the premise of the show. It wasn’t a sickness caused by time travel, or by some alien plant they encounter millions of years in the past. One of the cast wasn’t bitten by some mysterious dinosaur and turned into a mutant, disease spreading monster. Nope. This was caused… and here comes the spoiler… by a scientist hanging out with too much time on his hands.

It’s the standard contagion plot which can and does happen on just about any television show. It’s probably the plot of this week’s House. The fact that it was set in a prehistoric world was pretty much irrelevant. It didn’t matter.

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